i am stuck in the mud

I don’t even know why this is so hard right now?! Like I can write pages in my journal about chocolate or type forever about the meaning of life when someone just asked a simple question (I need to stop going on a tangent) BUT I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME find the energy…

BANANA BREAD on a budget

This is the bread I wanna make every morning. This bread is changing my life. It’s so simple that even I couldn’t mess it up. I want to be a chef now so look out for that series guys. If you want to try out this recipe by Jack click on this link, it is so good. #baking #banana #bread #goodmorning #happy #ukbloggers #vegan #lifestylebloggers #easy #recipe #foodie

have you ever gone to an event alone?

And I mean as in by yourself: no family or friends and without knowing anyone there beforehand? Because girl, when I did that oh I was just so scared. This was my first and probably last time experiencing that for sure. The event was ages ago now so I’m okay typing about it but I’ve…

Night routine with Pixi

Okay, can we just take a minute to talk about this beauty brand. Pixi by Petra is actually so good. They’re cruelty free so I don’t feel bad using them. Also, they work and at such a good price. I’m recommending this for all the people who are looking for a mew brand to obsess over, trust me this is it. #beauty #skincare #night #lazyblogging #ukblogger #bbloggers ( @pixibeauty )

Project finito No. 1

My life can get messy but my beauty draw does not need to be. I am following a project from a lovely beauty blogger I found on Instagram and plan to detox my beauty items with it. I love a good skincare over makeup, especially in summer and this will help me stick to just that. I have been meaning to cut back on my spending so doing it on my faves will help stick it to my shopping addiction and make the change I need. #beauty #blogger

Morning Skincare Routine 2018

Let’s pretend it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these because oh my gosh everything has changed for the summer and I’m so happy with it. Obviously, summer needs a good dose of sun cream and a fresh face is inspirational, so this goes through my simple steps for a summer face ready…

the princess saves herself in this one – amanda lovelace

If you don’t know Amanda Lovelace is an amazing poet sharing important messages through her medium so wonderfully. I love her work! In this post I chose a few of my favourites from her book ‘the princess saves herself in this one’ and I’m hoping you’ll fall in love with her writing too. #poetry #poems #ukblogger #bookblogger #goodreads #blogginggals #female #future #love #words

64 things to do this Summer

Summer started early this year which means there’s more time do everything and anything. Of course there’s going to be days to do absolutely nothing but here’s some ideas for when you want to create fun new memories. I have been making this list for a couple of weeks and it got me through the…


Okay look it. December of 2017 I bought a camera so I should probably use that and start taking nice pictures to advance in photography skills but no I stick to iPhone photography. I am lame. I WILL GET BETTER THOUGH because I have decided to do monthly catch ups through photographs!! Amazing! Brilliant idea!…

50 facts about me x

I’m doing this tag because I find it fun and interesting and recently people are subscribing to my blog and I’m just like what, why? So, for them this is a way to get to know me. I scoured the internet for random questions that you might like to know the answer to and this…