I want…

want good skin. I want excellent grades. I want a fit and healthy body. I want a clean and organised room. I want an iPhone 6s in either black and gold or just gold. I want control. I want balance. I want to feel safe, content, satisfied, good, excellent and happy. I want Sabr. I want an abundance in money, food, clothes and love. I want white chocolate. I want a burger. I want recognition for when I’m doing good. I want to be able to feel pleased when I think my work is great. I want my blog to be fucking fabulous. I want a stronger faith in Allah. I want better photography skills. I want better makeup skills. I want good relationships with people I choose as important. I want to paint my room grey. I want more Lush, Kiko and H&M products. I want to be able to help others whether it’s by giving my excess, by giving my thoughts or giving my time and effort to help. I want to make a difference. I want to be seen as important, by others but more importantly to myself. I want to be able to say yes I do pray 5 times daily and not have to think about any days I missed. I want peace. I want to own my dream style. I want my dream garden. I want more bows. I want all this and more.

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