NYX Lingerie – Exotic 12

If you follow me on snapchat you’ll know that I went shopping today, it was mainly for clothes but I did buy a few other bits and bobs; one of which includes this NYX liquid lipstick.
This is in the shade exotic 12 which was probably the most pink one there, most of the nudes had a cool undertone which wouldn’t suit me so I figured a pink was my safest bet!
The colour is a dark pink and at first it apples super soft and creamy but it does dry matte which is what I wanted for an everyday colour. It’s more of a safe dusty pink and not at all dramatic, I’m not complaining I do love this colour but next time I’m going to use a deep pink lip liner before using the lipstick to emphasise the darker color. Also I do like how this matte finish looks so I’d recommend it for a natural look or anything casual.
I’m pleasantly surprised with NYX so I’ll be trying out a few of the other ranges, for instance the butter lipgloss as I am a lipgloss girl, if you have any suggestions be sure to let me know šŸ™‚
This is with The Body Shop lip stain in deep berry underneath, it definitely highlights the pink and creates a more even base, love that it’s become more baby pink which is so much more girly and cute, perfect for in the day and then during the evening I could reapply the lipstick for a deeper colour.

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