Vision Board -> Jan 2017

As a photography student images are really important to me so in the spirit of January goals I decided to make a vision board; if you don’t know it’s just a board to show your dreams and goals in a visual presentation. Vision boards are a really personalised for each person. I admire looking at others and their meanings so I hope you enjoy mine just as much!


So to start mine isn’t long term end goals, most tend to have dream houses and such but for my first board, I wanted to focus on bettering myself as a person and improving the situation I’m in now as well as any new ones I will go into. I do have a poster of Machu Picchu at the back on the bottom left because I do want to travel to amazing places, I’m hoping putting it on the board will help align that into my life.

Most of the images like jeans, lush products, perfume and food are things I want physically. I want to buy better quality clothes and to invest in enjoying good things and good food. I also want to improve my culinary skills because right now I have the bare minimum.

And in the top right corner, I’ve filled it with words and pictures of people I want to be like. 2017 is going to be a tough year so I wanted motivational quotes and inspiring faces to keep my spirits high and strong. Ellen had to be there just because she’s super funny and talks about all the topics without ever being awkward. I have to once go see Ellen I have to. Emma Watson is also on my board because I think she is an amazing woman who is using her voice to say so many amazing things and that is really powerful to me because the world needs saving.

I used a bunch of old magazines, catalogues, samples and stickers to decorate mine; basically from things  I already had lying around so there’s no extra fuss about it just a fun thing to do when you have some time. It’s stuck on the side of my wardrobe as that’s a place that I didn’t realise was very plain but somewhere I saw a lot.
If you’ve already made one please comment a link to your post because I would LOVE to see it and if you haven’t I would definitely recommend making one!

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