Before I die…

The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die – Juliette Lewis

In college, a group of students placed a black whiteboard in the hallway as part of a project to commemorate the Holocaust, it’s a really personal project with a really deep message. It got me thinking because obviously there were funny ones and light-hearted ones but really, what do I want to do before I die?


For me, a light thing is to finish all the shows I want to watch, this includes things I’m currently watching such as ‘Game of Thrones’ or K-dramas I’m watching and things I want to start like Pretty Little Liars and Gilmore Girls.

I would also like to become successful and happy and comfortable in life etc. with a nice house, a good job and great relationships.

Mainly though before I die I want to live. I want to feel like my life was worth living and that I did something amazing, I had an impact on this Earth. I want to feel like I made a change. This isn’t dramatic I think we all think that but I guess this wall made me realise, if I want to do that then what am I doing to make it happen?



So this is kind of really deep but yeah I’m just working on myself, I like it.
What are things you want to do before you die?

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