Minimal Makeup

On days when I’m not feeling adventurous with my makeup and just want the basics to keep me looking alive these are my go to products. The theme of this look is basically to keep me looking alive, instead of the zombie I actually am.


The base is basic: moisturiser, serum and a CC cream. I choose the vitamin C moisturiser and glow enhancer for the base because they’re pretty heavy and since I’m not going to wear a lot of makeup this is the perfect time for them to sink in and brighten my skin. Then I do add L’oreal CC cream that helps with anti-fatigue, as you can see my skin is actually pretty dull so even on a normal day I like putting these on because they seriously work!! I know that they have various ranges for other problems like vitamin E range for dry skin and CC cream for those that have redness and I would seriously recommend people to check them out.


And finally,  I use a lip moisturiser by Elemis and add a dab of colour with a No7 lipstick that I totally recommend. They have a wonderful range with a shade to suit any skin tone and are hypoallergenic so I’m not afraid it’ll do any harm.

If you’re wondering what about the eyes?! Well, I pretty much leave them alone or maybe curl my lashes. I have pretty long, dark natural eyelashes anyways so I’m okay with letting them be. Especially if I’ll be taking pictures (need to look through the viewfinder) or working till late (I can rub my eyes it’s okay I don’t need to worry about washing my face so much).

That’s it! Short I know but wonderful for lazy days or when you’re actually just really busy and don’t want too much fuss. 
What are your minimal essentials?

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