Invest in your skin

It’s going to represent you for a very long time.

Whilst I was at Lush I decided instead of spending a tonne on bath bombs that, as lovely as they are,  buying a lotion was necessary. I have to put it out there, this is my first lotion from Lush and I am not upset.


I have normal skin on my body so I pretty much judge lotions by smell and how long it lasts and well, I’ve never tried them before because I don’t really like the smell of their lotions so I tend to stay far away from them yet, the charity pot was calling me. I had to take another sniff, I don’t know why but I had to. I never bought it before but I do love the idea that 100% donations go to a charity and that the store made a product just for that. It really makes my love for Lush grow all fluffy. So when I was in the store and I smelt it again I realised there had been a change and it is just fantastic.

The main ingredient is shea butter and although I am not a fan of it at all the new charity pot has more floral notes of moringa(<3), olive, rosewood oil and much more which has made me purchase it. The scent in itself is not strong so is perfect for everyday especially recommending it to anyone with dry skin! I love how nourishing this is. The consistency is actually really light and creamy so it doesn’t feel heavy at all but you still feel moisturised, even after a long day. A little goes a long way so buying the big tub is going to last such a long time and I’m grateful for that. Shaun made my tub and they’re good for about a year. Because it’s Lush you can trust it has amazing natural products (it is vegan) and the fact that the money goes to charity is a bonus.

Have you tried any lotions from Lush, which is your favourite?

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