A letter to the barista

I drink coffee to amplify my awesomeness.

I get it. I am no expert in coffee, in fact, today I am probably trying something that I have never ever had and might not like. So when I take my time in choosing and when I ask for your opinion please realise I am being sincere, please actually help when I ask for it. Sometimes I am quite passive and timid, coffee changes that. Seriously though I get too happy from being adventurous in my choice of drink.

No, I don’t know what size I’m going to get because that is a struggle in itself. If I am trying a new flavour and I get a big one, well what if it’s gross? ! But then you know when you’re trying a new flavour and you wish you got a big one and then there’s a loss. And then obviously I don’t want to sound dumb but somehow at this exact moment, I always do. For real, I just have one word to say yet it comes out as the awkward potato I am.

Now you’d think my struggle would end here, you’re wrong. When you think all that was bad the worst moment has to be when your drink arrives and then they try to make conversation and I don’t know what I want them to do but not that anything but that. I want to be out of there in a flash but now you’re here talking to me about the weather no. I’m going back inside it really doesn’t bother me if it’s a lovely day I’m sorry. I gots to go.

Then, as I take my highly caffeinated drink to the counter because apparently, I wanted a side of diabetes too. Do you know how it feels to have anxiety and pour in excessive amounts of sugar to a cup? I TOO AM JUDGING MYSELF I feel like everyone is judging me too. I mean everybody else is probably in their own little world and not giving a damn about what I do but I feel like they are and that is what is being counted.


But after a while, once you’ve taken a few sips from that cup of deliciousness it is all worth it so thank you Barista for putting up with me. I can start being awesome now. So, thank you from the awkward girl who keeps returning with everything regular except her order.

Does anybody get this? Or am I just a mess haha

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