The story of my ratchet desk

“Two months.” It is all that keeps being repeated in college. Go to any student and whisper “two months” then just watch their eyes fill with fear and see hem hurry to the closest library. Exam season is kicking in so I finally decided to upgrade my study space. Lol. Space. Basically, I don’t care where I study as long as I’m in the zone it’ll work. But I have come to realise there are some necessities for working, one of which being a desk.

Actually, I did have a desk but I hated it. I disliked being confined to a certain space, a certain area with its own certain lighting; I just strongly disliked it being in my life so I had it removed. And we’ll from then on I’ve been good with late nights at college, library trips, random setups on the floor, the bed even leaving my room to the dining table.

But an issue with it all is that I didn’t have what a basic desk offered, a flat surface to write on. Okay, yeah, maybe I had that on the tables in other places but I didn’t have one in my room okay I just don’t wanna leave my room don’t judge.

The solution… a board! Honestly, I’m a genius and being the broke Asian chick this is wonderful because no way was I going to spend £25 on a fancy looking tray with a pillow no. Instead, I’m DIYing this.


So if I went (to Wilko) in search of a plain solid piece of wood, sounds a bit odd right but think about it… a chopping board. I already had one in mind I had found the cheapest board online being £3 and just a bit bigger than A4 which was alright right? No. Turns out the largest size looked good but even that cost a bit much for a piece of wood so I kept on looking.

Believe that I was about to pay for it when I came across table tops… what are their true purpose idk what use really does a baking board have IDK I mean you can’t even put it in the oven but it was perfect for what I needed. It’s basically still a board but made of glass but way, way bigger than the chopping boards but not too big like perfect lap size and much cheaper than any wooden board too!

I was a bit afraid on the way home that it was gonna crack then and there and that would be the end of it but, nope now I’m grateful that I have a fantastic lap desk/baking board/conversion sheet! Honestly one of my best ideas yet, so simple yet so worth it.

I like the size and design and most of all I can now study wherever I want (in my house) with better efficiency (and handwriting) in peace. Well, to be honest, this story is for anyone with the same struggles of a desk and same broke life rules as I believe it’s an investment.

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