The world is my runway

This was bound to happen… Okay let me tell you I was basically just snooping through my younger siblings things and I came across my sister’s eyeshadow palette. It was so colourful, I own a very limited collection of eyeshadow palettes but none as bright as these. She wasn’t home… I had to try them!


So there I go, patting the greys and blacks into my lid making a soft smokey look when I went hold up, this could be so much more. There were other colours I was neglecting simply because it didn’t match my outfit. That seemed a bit unfair especially because I wasn’t going anywhere. Why not play around with the shades?


And that is the story behind my left lid, a stripe of pink is really all that’s needed to turn this basic look into runway-ready. To be fair I had seen a lot of bold pink eye looks popping up so this really is just a recreation. Now I’m not saying I’ll be rocking this look for the season but I do it, the whole look at me yes this is what I chose to do. The real pop of colour. Very in right now, don’t you think?


I’m not gonna say I expected much from the palette itself, it was actually very pigmented for the colours but actually very powdery too so had to really work it in but such a fun set to play with and for £4 I know it wasn’t a waste, not for me and well hopefully not for my little sister either!

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