The Radical Eye // Tate Modern

Recently, I was given the opportunity to go visit Tate Modern to see some of the collections available, one of which being The Radical Eye: The Sir Elton John Collection and I have to say it is honestly so inspiring and so thrilling it really was a wonderful trip. Unfortunately, because the pictures are so old and light-sensitive I wasn’t able to take any pictures inside but really that is just more of a reason for you to go and see the amazing show for yourself. [until 21st May 2017]


It was truly quite spectacular, there was such a wide array of film photographs that each had their own personality. The layout was beautiful and the walk through was breathtaking. The images each had their own story to tell, not in a minimalist nothing is on the page kind of way, more of an indirect focus. My favourite had to be at the beginning, one of the earliest photos of the boy in the swimming pool just because I found it rather funny and odd yet it reminded me of a photo I took of my younger brother when he was a baby and potty training. They look nothing alike but the humour was the same, the sort of more innocent family photos that you cringe at. And with that, I resonated with an image for many years ago and it just got better.

Image result for the radical eye

I’m recommending this visit to everyone, whether you are fond of the arts (very famous pieces and if you’re lucky the original negs too) or completely unaware there is sure to be something that sparks your curiosity and will allow you o delve into a wonderful spiral of thought. It’s a lovely day out and sparked a whole lot of inspiration, being in the gallery was absolutely wonderful and I’d go every day if I could. I did also look at other collections and because Tate is funded there’s a lot of free ones so it is well worth the money to go!

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