In honour of this random but albeit interesting celebration I have decided to, you guessed it to share my current favourite perfume with you guys. To be honest, I find the celebration quite random but at the same time intriguing, like colours, we don’t smell the same and there’s no certain way of telling if two people smell the same scent from a whiff of something. So without further ado here’s my review…

On ‘Nude’ by Rihanna a wondrous perfume that has a great price for the size I do need to mention, whilst most branded perfumes make me want to shed a tear celebrity perfumes have a more reasonable price tag attached.

Now the smell itself is a very light floral scent, with fruity tones and hints of a sweet powdery tropical island hidden inside. Well for me anyways. It has a special way of making me feel grown up, the scent is strong but not in your face. I especially love the mandarin top notes and the vanilla orchid base a wonderful combination that has made this fragrance my favourite everyday scent.

I am known to spray a little too much, well I have to say going out and about in the British weather makes me fear that the scent will just whisk away in the wind so I JUST HAVE TO MAKE SURE THERE’S SOME LEFT OKAY! Anyway despite all this, the perfume does last for a good proportion of the day and as it is an Eau de parfum you are sure to be left with the smell of sandalwood and light notes of musk and gardenia.

I’m not going to say it’s my all time favourite smell just because I prefer a lot more sweet scents but for a bottle containing musk, it’s doing a whole lot better than others. So, overall, I’m very pleased with this fragrance rating it a 4/5 stars with a yes I would buy it again note! It is definitely worth sharing with you guys on this mythical day lool let me know your favourite perfume!!

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