3 things you should do more often

Hello, hope you’re all enjoying the day, it’s lovely weather here in the UK and everything seems so perfect and happy. As you can see I’m soaking up all the positive vibes which are in contrast to yesterday morning when I was super cranky and didn’t handle myself well that morning. Nothing major not even worth mentioning, but I did plan on making a set of rules that I need to start complying to if I want the best out of each day. I have been trying these out and they are so satisfying, I know it’s only been a day but I feel like they made such a big difference in a short while that it is necessary to share so everyone can feel the powerful impact of the benefits over a longer time.

    This is just a must, the sun rises super early and I’m not up for that but I plan on waking up at an earlier time and actually getting up at said time. Today was 6:45 AM but I’m hoping to get it to 5:45 AM, an hour earlier *shudders at thought* sky GIF
    I’ve been trying to do this for such a prolonged time and it has only started becoming a habit now. I’m not really a book worm but after finishing two books in the same year I feel like much progress has been made. I’m thinking of starting a book review post, monthly writing about at least one book I’ve read but I’m not too sure if that’ll be fun for everyone: like this post if you think that’s a good idea! coffee books suicide squad tea harley quinn GIF
    My biggest issue. I tend to focus on little details so much that bigger waves take over, so the aim is to be more attentive. I don’t think I’m planning on spending my mornings om-ing to windchimes but I have been taking little minutes of each day to have a breather, I’ve been doing this on bus journeys as it allows me to just think whatever is in my head, making me aware of my thoughts and control over them, do I want to be thinking of this right now? yes, continue or no, move on. This may seem really simple but it is super helpful and definitely, recommend it for everyone. Also, also the goal is to be able to do it in stressful situations so that I can quickly analyse my situation and really see the bigger picture. people things sitedazeddigitalcom mindfulness GIF

And done! Those are my three aims that I think everyone should adopt, tweak it to your liking but I swear it’s changing me for the better and I just wanted to share my happiness. Got any life tips you wanna share? Let me know xx

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