Written for a twenty something

To this day I am 6701days old and with 604days till I’m 20years old, a lot of numbers. But the point is I was scared of it and I needed to prepare. The younger age look up to the 20year olds as free adults with fun still in them but then you see the other side and that 20yr olds can also end up staying at home with their parents and still no idea on how to survive or even what they want to do to feel alive. And that is totally okay, they have their whole life ahead of them, they’re still young but that will not be me. Hopefully. I like stability and being that prepared friend and the one who can fix any bad situation so I need to prep early. This meant going to the library in search of books and these are two that I came up with!


First up is a long awaited review on Tina Seelig’s book ‘What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20’ chosen because of her amazing wit on The Psychology Podcast, I knew this was going to be good. She has an amazing skill that is able to link life stories with important lessons and making you really open your eyes to the way things really are, not afraid of telling you like it is. Every chapter has valuable teachings, and I’ve gone through my copy and highlighted the ones I like so that every time I visit I can skim through, helping build these lessons into my life and focusing on the parts that I thought was particularly inspiring. I bought a used but good condition one off Amazon and I have to say it was like it was brand new, considering it came some time ago they are quite cheap now so highly recommend getting your own copy. This is a definite 4/5 stars because it is well written with lots of great advice, I’d tell a friend about it, hey I might even let them borrow my copy but I wouldn’t obsess over it.


tHIS. I cannot even like it was so good I finished it in a week, that is a record for me. I loved it so much and I cannot wait for his second book. See I know how this goes, a YouTuber will write about their life and how they got to where they are so at the time of release I wasn’t really bothered about it, but then his second book ‘Note to Self‘ is filled with more poetry which I would love so much more and that is why I decided to give this one a go, a pre-Connor, I mean I watch his videos but this book would definitely give me the run through in his life and Connor as a person like as a friend and not just some guy on the internet. As this was written around Connor’s 20’s I added this book because it shows the life of someone still making it and how they were going through the scenario fresh off the block. And guys Connor is a lovely guy with a knack for sharing stories and I’m so glad he loves doing it because he is so good at it. Ah fangirl moment sorry but I was so absorbed and found this relatable but intrigued at the same time. I have to say it is filled with such aesthetically pleasing images and is a heartfelt story of Connor growing up to be an adult, I would recommend it to anyone who likes personal stories and the more emotional outlet. I’m gonna give this 3/5 stars though just because as emotive as it is I wouldn’t read it again, I would have rather borrowed it from the library, not something I’ll be reaching for anytime however that being said I am super pumped about the next book!!

Got any books with great advice or one that you would read often? I’d love recommendations!

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