So… Hi! I’ve been pretty absent for some time because of exams but now that exams are over I can focus on more important things like Netflix and food and of course blogging! But what have you been doing all this time? Well, that’s what this post is for, I’ve been revising pretty hard if I do say so myself but there have been some memorable moments I’d like to share with you guys. In this month exam season was in full swing and Ramadan had started just before, I had mini holiday in the beginning but that was spent inside revising.

8 –> Guys, I’m 18 woop woop so that with it’s many privileges gives me the right to vote and well let me tell you as important as the situation is and I get that it is a serious matter but voting is a bit basic, like you go in and sign your box and leave no free food, hey not even a free pencil just a quick thing. Other then that though I’m proud of this country for allowing the people to have a say. I voted Labour, and it’s pretty exciting looking at the numbers (BBC; Election results here) and knowing that I am one of the many voters who helped decide who would run the country.

22 –> I HAD MY LAST A LEVEL EXAM!! Finally, the wave of stress was over. I had tried my hardest and I knew that I could move on happy. I have to say I’m going to miss my crazy classes, I’m a pretty quiet and reserved person (till I get comfortable) and it was great listening to all the crazy, intellectual and emotional class talks and random funny things would always pop up. Learning was fun and chill and stressful and eventful and I enjoyed it very much or could you tell that already?

23 –> Moving on to university ooooh very exciting, much wonderful. Really, I judged my university choices by whatever had been written down so stats and reviews by others which is terrible because that means I had never visited any of my options. So, this month I went to Queen Mary University (post link coming soon) I’m planning on furthering my studies in psychology so I went to have a little snoop around and get a feel for the place and how it would work.

25 –> EID MUBARAK! I celebrated Eid on Sunday, which means I basically ate a ton of delicious food and spent the day visiting a lot my family in pretty clothes and just a wonderful end to the month of Ramadan. There’s been a lot of negativity in London recently so it was nice to be able to spend time with loved ones and embrace the special feeling of joy.

26 –> I woke up and checked my emails, a common habit I assume. Yet, today was different because on this day I got an email from Ali from The Veggie Expat had written to me saying I had won the giveaway!!! Oh my goodness I don’t know what to say except that I have been feeling super excited from that day on, like I didn’t expect to win, it is really such an amazing prize guuuyyys it’s so cool, the products are cruelty free and her blog focuses on everything from beauty to food and lifestyle (even cheeky movie reviews) so be sure to check her out (link here to her twitter for a personal vibe if you want x)

(28) –> I’m looking forward to going back to college to the Art exhibition, as a photography student I get to go see and celebrate with all the other art students the end to a great two years of college and seeing each others final pieces of hard work.

(30) –> Bethany Mota is coming to London for her book tour so I have to try and go see her hopefully!! #MotaFam ❤

Ah, finally that’s my month in a wrap and I should be getting back to a pretty regular schedule *fingers crossed* so I’ll talk to you all soon xx

What was your favorite memory this month?

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