Queen Mary University Open Day

I am planning on studying psychology at university, but then the question is which university? Recently, I visited QMUL to get a feel for the place and see if this is where I would not only spend the next three years to study but also pay £27,000 to do so.

I’ve looked up the pros and cons and found that the key points were; it’s in London so I can stay home (accommodation is harder to get), it is a Russell Group university which will seriously help in the future and of course it is accredited by the British Psychological Society which is just key for making it worth anything. Extra points for the new QMUL Model in place, aiming to help students gain experience and move on to employment easier (hasn’t been used before).

The place. The vibes. The feels. Well it was actually pretty easy for me to get to so that was a major plus like I’m pretty sure if I wanted to I could walk there (I’ll never wake up early enough to do so, but I could) which surprised me really but a major plus. I’ve been travelling for an hour to go to college and as amazing as a good book can be on a long journey, sometimes you just want to go home fast.

Walking around, the area was nice, they had put out all these arcade games and sporting events for the open day, the place itself was really big and easy to get lost in, which will happen a lot to me but that’s everywhere I go. I found a book shop that buys and sells used books which will be super useful for future reference. The area itself was nice, nothing super fancy no private cinema or anything but it was a place I could find myself going to and not complaining about.

The classroom for the psychology talk was pretty small but it did fit a lot of people and even from the back it was easy to see the screen. It is important to know that Queen Mary is a large university and with a large number of students it won’t be as private and friendly as other universities but the teachers did remember the names of some students and tried to assure the group that over the years everyone knows everyone whether it’s through their classes or from events.

I was pleased to see that the university has a gym, again nothing extraordinary but it did offer the basic and the prices were good. The university being in the heart of London did offer some amazing events which is great for social life and meeting new people and the wide range of societies seemed pretty cool and I could imagine myself joining in some of them.

Overall, the day was pretty useful and I got to have a good snoop around and get more details on how we’d be taught and such. They gave a bunch of cool stuff like a USB and pens and of course a token tote bag to carry all your goodies! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be which makes me excited and grateful for my decision so let’s see what the other universities have to offer, till the next time!

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  1. What’s so dope about this post to me is the fact that I’m watching the Netflix series “Reign” which is all about Queen mary queen of Scotland lol isn’t it a coincidence 😩😂 anyways this post was dope. I hope you enjoyed yourself!

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    1. Shazeda says:

      Haha let’s pray I get in first!!


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