Thank you to @veggieoverseas :*

I was just tumbling my way back into blogging you know, making the effort to comment on posts and going through as many as I could considering I missed a ton from exams when I stumbled upon Ali‘s giveaway and saw these amazing products just being offered to her audience. I was just dreaming about these products that I’ve seen before but never really got (mainly because of the price tag attached) so knowing that this lovely human bean was just giving them away and there was a chance it could be going to me I had to try it; I had to. ^_^ Guys  I am flying hi because I didn’t even know what to say but your girl won WOO after so long I’m actually getting these amazing products and through a giveaway of all things!! I’ve been on cloud 9 this whole week!!

I got not one but two sleek highlight palettes and hell three liquid lips which came super quick which meant I could do swatches and really try them out for you guys! The colours were super crazy new to me considering I have three I used to own three highlights in a different gold shade so it definitely took me by surprise on application. I just have to say right now that cream highlight is everything, like if you have a powder highlight and think it’s great then adding a cream highlight underneath will blow your mind!

Barry M liquid lip paints in ‘Cherry Pop Up and Paparazzi’ and NYX lip creme in ‘Amsterdam’
Disputed Dreams highlight palette with the shades ‘Anodize, Beam, Sweet Delusion, Refracted and Blurred Lights’
Solstice highlighting palette

The solstice palette is everything. If I had to recommend any I’d pick that one just because it comes with a purple cream highlight that gleams on the skin and then can be built with the three blinding classic colours. I used this on glam days when I was trying to blind people unapologetically, from the looks below I paired the purple cream highlight with the bronze powder highlight and the Barry M red liquid lip paint in the shade papparzi (with a red lip liner underneath) and I felt so luxe and glam. It is a bold colour but it is definelty matte and sometimes you’ve just got to be open to trying out new things and with all these shades I’ve been enlightened to colour. I do have to say as amazing as the Barry M lip paints are, extremely easy to apply and work with and matte the whole time without feeling dry a lip liner is needed so you don’t loose control and it never really dries so be careful not to touch it too much or you could look like the joker by the end of the night.

Moving on to the exciting Distoreted Dreams highlight palette agh let me just tell you this palette is just a lot of fun, if you’re makeup obsessed then I would recommend this palette because it’s a mix of being daring and trying new colours whilst still being in control. Sleek offers amazing luxe quality, the three cream highlighters were super soft and glided like butter and I have to say it really aims to work with the skin. For instance the green highlight isn’t just green but works as a colour corrector and makes the overall highlight brighter and white. In the look below I added the green with the powder pink highlight for a soft glow to match the NXY soft matte lip cream (and to match Pikachu) as you can see the coloured highlights are not too strong on camera but they do make a difference in undertone. I used it on the bridge of mose especially to make my lips stand out more. The NYX lip cream was absolutely my most terrifying to use because it has a bright pink red shade which would have been so nerve racking for me but I think matching with Pika helped a lot, I also used a bit of bronzer to lessen the intensity but the quality is super soft and IT SMELLS LIKE ICE CREAM (or am I just hungry?) the lip creams was the hardest to work with only because you need to be a bit careful when applying because it carries so much pigment getting out of the lines could be fatal. I do have to say though for everyday this was an exhilarating feeling, it was not too bold but not at all boring and I even got a compliment from a stranger innit which was really flattering!

Last but by no means least I have to say the Barry M lip paint in ‘Pop Up’ is my new fave, the colour is just the perfect shade of baby pink I’m amazed. I usually stay away from light colours because I’m afraid it will look horrendous on my skin tone but this pink is marvellous. Usually, I’d use a brown lip liner but I decided to see how it was on its own and I have to say I am impressed. The lip paints last so long and can leave a stain yet they are not proof so they’re not afraid of transferring onto anything they touch which is a bummer but for the amazing quality and perfect shade I will deal with it. The highlight used was the blue cream highlight and then the gold powder highlight on top as the blue neutralises any discolouration to give a flawless look and then the gold cancels out the blue so you don’t work around looking like an alien. Although the colours are quite crazy they’re really fun to work with  and can create amazing looks, this has to be my favourite just because I feel all dolled up and flawless within my comfort zone.

An important message for all reading is that makeup is fun and it’s great to try out new things but it’s still important to be helping out our world. Ali promotes being cruelty free to animals in beauty and lifestyle to show that you can still have fun with makeup and food and more (go check out her blog!!) without having to harm animals in the process. There’s a lot of hurt in the world and we should do what we can to minimise it and companies like Barry M, Sleek and NYX show that you can still have quality without cruelty. Help the world go round a little longer by switching up and being aware of where your makeup comes from. Also, just be sure to check out her blog because her posts are lovely to read with a range of fun from beauty to FOOD to movies, it’s got it all!! ( )

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