Simple Summer Skincare

It is August and I have finally developed a good skincare routine that I can do easily and continuously and it actually works for me so I decided to share it with you all! Summer is crazy to my skin, I have a very oily face but these products help make sure I don’t break out by keeping my skin healthy.

First up is face wash and I am in love with Garnier skin active micellar cleansing gel wash!! I swear I will always buy this for the rest of my life because it is so good to my skin. I originally got it as a makeup remover but it’s so wonderful I use it every day and I can afford to because it’s not at all expensive and lasts a hella long time. As a makeup remover, my foundation just slides off especially using a scrub brush (mine is from Primark) I feel like my skin is clean and not at all harsh like some makeup removers can be.

Next up, after being cleansed I am pretty boring with my toner right now, my skin isn’t breaking out so much therefore I’m using basic rose water as my toner although this is my final bottle so I will soon be trying out more exotic versions of toner so be sure to follow my page to keep up with that. Right now rose water is good to me because my skin is really sensitive to heat I think so now that it’s sunny I need to be gentle and rose water is notorious for being great for sensitive skin. I haven’t seen any major improvements but definitely no negatives like itchy skin so this is good because my trusty tea tree can start to hurt in sunny weather. For moisturiser I do use The Body Shop seaweed oil control lotion because it has SPF 15 which is enough for me since I never get sun burned but it’s still important for me to wear because the UV rays can still damage my skin so I’ll wear this if I’m going out and it’ll keep me moisturised but not oily. I also like to use the vitamin c glow enhancer on my no makeup days to give me a bit of a boost especially as the orange tint colour corrects any darkness I have and just giving me an overall brightness without looking bronzed!

For my body I have just been using my charity pot hand and body lotion from Lush because it has a simple scent and doesn’t leave me feeling heavy, for a full review check out my post on it here and the hand cream by Champneys is what I like to use out and about because it’s really moisturising and has a wonderful scent so it ticks all the right boxes and I would definitely buy this again.

Last but not least is treatments, these are things that I don’t do too often but I’m adding because it does make a difference so I’ll do it at least once a week. Starting off with lips I am trying to be consistent with exfoliating but that’s just a bit hard for me okay. Anyways using the popcorn scrub by Lush has helped make it more fun and delicious which makes me more inclined to go through the effort for soft lips. For the plump lip, I have been using Elemis fresh skin lip balm because it literally works and I still find that unbelievable. For an extra boost, I might use a lip mask (once a month) to induce plump lips.
The face masks are gel based and I will love them forever. It’s not like a clay mask that detoxifies and pulls everything out of your skin so I can use it regularly but it’s also not like a sheet mask that makes me feel like I spent a whole lot of money for nothing. Gel masks are really good for adding nutrients to the skin without leaving it to feel gross, they are super simple and easy to use and I really like pulling it off all in one go. Trust me this is not like the charcoal masks you see on Instagram, it doesn’t hurt badly at all and of course, I get Superdrug masks because they are cheap but actually works really well, my underdog product if you will.

Overall, I am really happy with my routine I have because I feel like I have gorgeous summer skin!! I’m not really one for tans but more on that another time, what do you love about the Summer?

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