Meeting Bethany Mota <3

I FELL ASLEEP ON THE TRAIN agh to be fair I had a hectic morning but by the time I got there I don’t know they just gave me my pass told me to get some food and the main part will start soon.

bm 1

Then, of course, I needed to pee so I’m rushing to find the bathroom and that’s when I oh hey casually pass BETHANY MOTA!! Okay, I AM SHOOK and there I stand just watching her give an amazing interview when someone asks what are you doing? and I’m just star gazed but fall back on umm where is the bathroom?

bm 2

Anyways, I freshen up then go back and make friends because I had to tell someone of my experience and then it starts I’m crying inside the fangirl is showing it hits me as she walks past I am in the same room as Bethany Mota. It was magical really she is just so amazing like I was planning on recording the whole thing but it just got really personal and deep and I knew that she was saying important stuff so I just needed to pay attention and appreciate every moment.

bm 3

The book is just everything. I swear it has five sections from ‘getting motivated’ to ‘getting chill’ and although it did take me a while to properly get through it all as there are so many useful advice and adorable stories. It’s like reading her video and being able to have a hardcopy of the work Beth does on YouTube. I love it, at the very least it’s so beautiful and I know the effort Beth puts into her work and it makes me happy to read and I believe in her advice and am putting to use the ones that I feel is needed. Beth has such a creative outset and shows a certain part of her and this book helps get to know her personal everyday self and being a hardworking millennial. I’d recommend this book because I’m a hardcore #Motavator but also to anyone who would like a light self-help book on working hard every day as she shares her journey to success!


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