Neal’s Yard Remedies BF Haul

Neal’s Yard Remedies. If you’re like how I was you probably just summarised it as expensive skin shop and girl yes, it is but oh my goodness so worth it. No, it isn’t an expensive Lush it’s organic and made in England and so good for you but without the frills. The packaging is simple and no one is screaming over the smells but hey it is so, so good. Of course, we couldn’t excuse the prices but everything is natural and organic so on this Black Friday I took full advantage of the 20% off sale!


Let’s start with what I was warped into buying because let’s face it I’m awkward and when entering the shop for the first time I was not ready to speak so was automatically shown all these wonderful products that would change my life. SHOCK. Yet, one did intrigue me… Purifying Palmarosa Facial Polish I have marks on my skin (because I pop my spots I’m gross I know). I was so intrigued because it was literally a cream with seeds that was being rubbed into my hand but I swear my hand looked lighter than the other. AND THEN she put a moisturiser on top that just sinked into the freshly scrubbed hand. The lovely lady explained that maybe I have good products but they’re not working because of the dead skin cells on my face stopping it from getting deep into my skin. It is on rare occasions that I buy things without having a bit of research beforehand but this was so worth it.

The facial polish (scrub) contains coconut oil to nourish and moisturise the skin (explaining the creamy texture) and contains rosehip seed, palmarosa, mahonia and alpine willow herb to act as the beads to scrub your skin and with aloe vera to help soften the blow of the scrubbing. It is for oily & combination skin (Me) so I was ready to give it a go!

I have to say it’s one of those scrubs that you need a small amount of and even if you scrub really hard it doesn’t feel painful (I mean not for me anyways, I don’t have sensitive skin) and it is 84% organic which makes me feel happy, I am sure that this will become a staple. Although, have to mention I was clearly recommended to use it at most once a week so that my skin has time to heal as too often use could be worse. As for my marks, I mean they’re still there but yes, I saw such an improvement!! The discolouration is leaving and I know with continuous use this will do wonders for me.


Now, for what I actually went to the store for. 100% Organic Rosehip fruit Oil. I’m not entirely sure but I think the store sells it as a supplement for a source of fatty acids that promote tissue healing and growth but no, I did not want to drink oil no matter how organic it is. It’s good for all skin types so maybe it is multipurpose. I wanted it as a winter moisturiser. What? Oil as a moisturiser? Yeah, okay I know I have oily skin but on most days I’m pretty causal and really don’t care if my face looks shinier than the Sun. I needed an oil that would do magic and rosehip seemed to be the one. It helps with anti-ageing and even if I am still a teen I’d rather prevent wrinkles and things instead of trying to treat them when they come. Oils are great for this because they contain essential fatty acids that help regenerate the collagen and elastin fibres and rosehip has vitamin A that helps improve the skin’s moisture level so helping keep my ageing worries at bay. It does have a kind of smell but I don’t really mind it because it’s not like anyone is smelling my face so I’m not really bothered. I am worried because organic and that the oil is yellow and I’m afraid of stains but so far, no worries. I’ve been using this at night on my body and only on my face in the mornings so that seems to work I mean my PJs smell of it but that’s where washing machines come in handy. It is such small bottle and I’m getting through it so quickly I might be on the verge of trying a different company and comparing the effects but I’ll let you know in another post if that happens.


Oh my gosh this one is so random. Look okay I was just there living in my spree of shopping I needed one more product to end my splurge. This Lemon & Coriander Deodorant was it. Okay, I know I get it what the actual fuck am I buying. For real, it was one of the cheapest things but shush it has its advantages too. You know all those Pinterest posts about DIY spray bottles to remove the dark patches on your underarms well I’m basically buying that. And then we could go onto what’s up with the scent well I like lemons and I’m Asian I like coriander so this isn’t that bad. To be fair I kind of like the smell and I definitely love that it works like a deodorant stick but is a spray. I think the lightning thing is working so I am persuaded to keep using it till I’m happy with that and as for the scent I mean I don’t think anyone else can smell it because even if I add it onto my elbows and knees the smell isn’t at all strong so it’s just for me. I’ve had more compliments on my perfumes than this but that’s for another post. OH, BEFORE I FORGET THIS THING IS ORGANIC YEAH fuck lemon sprays after freshly shaved skin I swear it burns I felt a tear okay just a pre-warning because there isn’t one on the bottle.

Pro tip because it’s an expensive shop when you’re at the till you can ask for testers and they just throw in a bunch!

THE END ~ THANKS FOR READING THIS HELLA LONG REVIEW ON NEAL’S YARD REMIDIES PRODUCTS!!! Most of my posts are short and sweet but I am trying to write in more depth to give you all the deets so hope you enjoyed it. The Black Friday sale was 20% off and for an expensive shop that’s amazing. I do have to recommend that if you do buy anything get the loyalty card because 5 points per £1 spent and they’ll email you on future sales and goods so you don’t need to wait for this one day to shop.

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