I bought a fridge.

AS A KID DID YOU EVER GO THROUGH THE ARGOS CATALOGUE AND BE LIKE I WANNA GET… A MINI FRIDGE? And then your parents being like sure you can get one if you pay for it. Well, the time has come for present me to fulfil little Me’s wishes by doing just that!

Obviously, I headed to the Argos website to find the exact mini fridge I wanted as a child (the bright pink one) but there were so many sad reviews on there. If I was going to get a fridge I wanted a good one okay, I wasn’t going to give up!! I decided to broaden my horizons to Amazon but it just lead to the same thing, the complaints outweighed the benefit.

I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this one exactly but it’s by Russell Hobbs and I sure as hell trust them. It’s a super familiar name, whether you have a product by them yourself or your neighbour does I haven’t heard any complaints. This means I no longer trusted the website. It’s too good to be true, why would Russel Hobbs make a mini fridge they don’t suit that kind of audience (teens with enough money to buy a mini fridge but not enough to have a their own house to put it in).

Turns out it’s not a mini fridge. In fact it just about fits so snuggly into my wardrobe that any bigger and I would have had to send it back. And no it’s not just a big mini fridge. It’s a tabletop fridge. It’s a fridge for single people who just about had enough money left over from buying their first house. So it was the biggest small fridge, so what? The reviews were great because it still had issues along the same line but they were just from people being picky (by the way 45 decibels isn’t loud (until it’s night time and you’re mum walks in)) the only issue I read was that the freezer wasn’t as good as it could be because it didn’t keep it f r o z e n. BUT OH MY GOSH MY FRIDGE CAME WITH A LIL FREEZER AND A LIL ICE CUBE TRAY THAT’S THE BEST THING EVER!! And to add to that one review shared the low down. The freezer can fit two Ben & Jerry’s tubs. Not one but TWOO and to set the temperature on the daily 3/4 is good but with anything in the freezer 10 is best. Thank you sir for the important knowledge you have passed on, you’re a great guy and I hope you’re doing well.

Oh my gosh the delivery people are amazing for putting up with all the changes of dates. I mean I had told my Dad by this point and he told my Mum who said “No.” I don’t think he understood that I wasn’t asking, I was just letting him know. Oh well, I was able to get it in at a time when no one else was home (which is a miracle really and for a fridge it’s not that heavy (holds 40kg). I carried it up two floors, though the tricky part was getting it in the draw. I had assumed I’d place it in the bottom of my wardrobe but stupid me forgot that the hinges on the door were going to be in the way when opening the fridge so I had to change my wardrobe up. Now it’s snug in the middle with dresses above and hair styling stuff below.

I’m really happy, I feel like an unspoken life goal was reached. Although, a lot of my friends called me crazy for doing all this I kind of just remember that I spent the effort looking for a good product and that if it’s willed I will be able to keep this for years to come. I now have a constant space for meal prep, healthy snack options like fresh fruit and smoothies or veggies more often as well as being a great host by never letting my guests go hungry. I’m fabulous I know, you just want me to invite you over x

I have yet to go on a grocery trip so stay tuned for that. Currently, inside the fridge there’s…

  • Two bottles of Tropicana orange juice
  • One small bag of cherry tomatoes
  • Two Jamaican patties
  • A packet of chicken slices
  • A packet of spicy noodles bc why not

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