Winter Checklist

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… and here is my list of things that you must do this Wintertime! They range in adventure levels and prices so give them all a good read and let me know which one you plan on doing this season!

ICE SKATING —> I have already gone but I am so obsessed I actually plan on going six times this month alone. I haven’t actually planned when those six times are but I’m fitting them in! I think it is important to mention that I can’t ice skate for the life of me but that will not stop me from trying! Also, it is my birthday month so I think my gift will be a pair of ice skates because even though I’m not sure how much it’ll save me over the year I do love it and I know that if I invest I’ll be more likely to keep at it.I am simply obsessed to the point, I look at figure skaters and imagine I can be able to the same moves. I definitely won’t be like them anytime soon but maybe in the future, maybe. Right now, I’m afraid to move on the frozen water.


KARAOKE —> I am one of the worst singers, trust me there will be no time my inner Beyonce will mean a singer.I simply ruin the song I don’t even know how but it is really fun to let go of stress by being loud and crazy with friends who are loud and crazy. If anyone knows any good place to go, in London please let me know! Karaoke is merely one of those things that can be a blast with the right people. It’s really good with small numbers and can bring you closer so I recommend this if you need an outing with recently made friends.

WINTER WONDERLAND —> This is for those basic photos on Instagram with the lights but I do love it. The atmosphere is wonderful and it’s a lovely day out. It’s for more of those thrill seekers as it’s basically a chilly themed amusement park. Although, if you don’t like rides there’s adventure from the different stalls in the market and delicious treats to eat and drink. This is an annual thing and if you’ve been I still say go again since it changes every year, the only thing to say is that the day is a money drainer and as amazing as it is this one is a bit pricey.


TRAMPOLINING —> University life has got to me, so this holiday season has become the time for stress release. It’s nothing fancy but hella fun. Trampolining is scary to some because of the chance of getting hurt but I think if you keep to the limits the chance of getting hurt is not that high. I’ve been a couple of times but that wouldn’t stop me from going again. For me, it removes tension as well as making you active without feeling it which is important for this winter to lose all those extra calories without the feeling of struggles.

BAKE SUGAR COOKIES —> If this isn’t cliche. But for real Winter is the time to make the whole house smell of baked goods and eat delicious treats. This was mainly added because I love watching snaps by FeelGoodFoodie and am planning on recreating the vegan sugar cookies from her snap. The recipe will be up soon and then I’ll bake. If you want to check out her website click the heading! If this goes well I’ll be sure to let you know because well and truly I am a terrible chef which means if I can make this so can you. (Or just buy desserts bc that’s good too and for the smell, candles works just as good)


DONATE BLOOD —> Is anyone else being targetted by NHS to donate blood? This is so weird to me because I am seldom to hear about it even though I’m pretty aware it can help save lives and is such a simple procedure. When I was younger I would cry at injections, to the point that as a baby I never got them. I had most of my injections in my tweens and I remember so distinctly having a brave face up until it was my turn and the nurses trying to calm me down as they try and stab me. I’m grown now. When I went for my recent blood test, I didn’t cry. I did talk a thousand words a minute but I didn’t cry. Does this mean I can handle having a needle pull out my blood for 5-10mins well I’ll let you know! If you’re not like me and can handle this like a pro then please donate blood this Winter, you get free food at the end of it.

DRINK HOT CHOCOLATE —> I actually very much dislike this drink, to be frank, I dislike anything that is chocolate flavoured (except for chocolate itself) so this is not high on my list. Yet, when I went to the Natural History Museum Ice Rink I was caught in the moment and ordered a soy gingerbread hot chocolate. It wasn’t bad. I finished it. I mean no I wouldn’t order it on the regular but in the moment it was good. So, whether you’re a lover of anything cocoa or it doesn’t take your fancy like me I would still say try it once this season because ’tis the season for warm drinks and cosy moments. Hey, even if you dislike it, memories?


And boop that’s my list! I’ll be sure to share my adventures on getting these done this wintertime but let me know, is there anything essential that I missed? If I’ve inspired you to do any tag me in your pictures @beeingShazeda on Twitter, Facebookand Instagram!!

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