Aldi Haul

I have never been to an Aldi in my life. To be honest I never cared, until I was on the bus and to my left Aldi was shining in bright lights. Obviously, I took this opportunity to fill up my fridge because I love shopping, especially if it’s for foood.

When you enter there’s baskets and the fruit and veg in front. If you’re wondering where the trolleys are they’re outside like usual but no I stayed with my basket so I could control the amount of stuff I get (also because I don’t turn back but I’ll get it next time).
Fruit and veggies. I don’t like bananas but I know if you want to go on a raw diet bananas are your go to, and I’m not saying that I am just that I need to start appreciating bananas more. I was going to buy the mini bananas but decided to pick up 5 individual as a start.
Next up was watermelon. No wait I have to carry all these things so honey dew melon. I could literally eat a whole melon in one sitting I love it so much. I’m not a pro at picking them out so today’s aim was bold yellow and a small size for reassurance that it’ll be sweet.
I had been watching J MAYO a lot and in her detox series she are cucumber for a whole day. Even though she described it as unpleasant and wouldn’t do it again I wanted to try it out because I like cucumbers and they are water based so good for the health and they’re cheap so if I love it then it’ll be good for me.
Of course, I ended it all with a pack of apples! They were for a good price and I love apples so I’ll eat all of them for sure. I got a pack instead of individuals because it was just easier than having to look through them all to find out the price.
In the tins there’s sweet corn, peas and baked beans. These are just things I could eat straight up as a snack or mix up together for a meal. I also bought chilli powder to season everything as these are pretty plain foods which I loveee but chilli will just add that kick of flavour if I ever want it.
As I passed the frozen section so okay with not getting anything, I mean I have a fridge I no longer need to fight for space to store fresh produce I remembered that my fridge has a freezer!! I bought vegan coconut ice cream in chocolate flavour because it seemed more tempting than plain coconut ice cream. I’m hoping it tastes like bounty but I’ll let you know. I’m currently worrying about it melting in it’s paper tub so this bus needs to step on itttt.
Lastly, I picked up a box of raw snack bars because I remember watching Vegan Voyager and she was in love with these so I had to try them. I mean, peanut and coco brownie bars! They taste exactly like you would expect and although I do appreciate the effort of saying brownies I’m sad remembering that vegan brownies can still have flour but these do not. They taste good though and I’ll eat them on days that I’m more physical because it’s just as fattening as it is delicious.
That concludes my Aldi shop! It was a lovely experience and I tried to have a good snoop at everything so that next time I pass by I’ll have a better feel for what I want. The 9p bag is cute carried the groceries with ease but I do want to start carrying bags with me so there’s less fuss. I d have to admit as productive as I am in these journeys I do want to get in with learning how to drive because it would be such a benefit I know.

7 thoughts on “Aldi Haul

  1. I always viewed ALDI from afar as kind of a dollar store for food, until I actually walked in one. Boy was I mistaken!!

    It’s probably my favorite store now, along with the co-op and Trader Joe’s. The thing to love about ALDI is every single week there is something new of the food and appliance and utensil variety, and in my experience they consistently have the freshest organic mixed greens, and it’s easy yo look forward to the “produce pick of the week,” discounted food from weeks previous, and last but not least, super FAST checkout, no matter how long the lines are.

    Great review, thanks!

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      1. Haha!! It is like a race, never though of it that way! 🙂

        I’m super fortunate to have one just a few miles away here in Minnesota, (and another few just a few miles away in the other direction,) and they’re popping up everywhere in new places all the time!

        You’ve inspired me to write a post on some of my favorite items from there, thanks for the post!

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  2. I love Aldi, I do the majority of my shopping either there or Lidl. I find Aldi have really good healthy and free from snacks too! Above all, they are so much cheaper than other British grocery stores! Thanks for sharing! xx

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