Goodbye 2017 x

Ahhh it’s 2018 and I think it would be good to start the year with an overview of how 2017 in my favourite form, photographs! This is gonna be really personal and long and weird and hopefully summarises 2017 for me and how I’m moving on. I love being nosey so if you have any deep posts be sure to share your links in the comments below!

January – the start of this year, who knew what was to come. It was a fresh start to my decade and I was ready! I had quite a few resolutions and I’m pretty proud that I actually got through them. I still have trouble forming a habit but there are some blessings I’ve taken from this. I have become an early bird. I also sleep early so it wasn’t magic but I definitely feel like I have more time and control over my life. I also focus on my health and ambitions a whole lot more. 2017 was a whirlwind of opportunities taken and missed, that’s really helped me become aware of what I want in life and where I’m heading!

February – this was a busy month and so I fell in love with bubble tea and the library. Life was hella busy and if I have to be honest this was probably my worst month. I had never felt more hurt, I’m pretty sure it was the first time my parents heard me cry since I was a kid and even they didn’t know what to do. Attendance was terrible, I was super faking life because even if there were amazing moments I was afraid of talking about the sad ones, I was too paranoid at what could go wrong and I hated myself so much everyone else haad to hate me too and I was dealing it all by myself. By the end of February, I started being open with my counsellor and letting it all out. I wasn’t expecting miracles but tension was released. I’d like to spend this time being super thankful for my parents, they took me to the cinema the next day with my friends just so I could have a happy day and it made me realise no one really knows what they’re doing. Everyone is a little stressed but there’s love in the world and it will get better.

March – hella busy but hella lovely. I think this was the cutest month, I had to make a video for one of my courses and that was painful, definitely not youtube material. Though, there were a few outings for milkshakes and life was getting better. I got into Spanish music this month, specifically by Becky G because her voice is heavenly.

April – it was a good month. I did a lot of reading, bought some good jeans and went out with lovely people. Everything was picking up and it was all just kind of happening. I did see a lot of family this month and it was nice to see all the changes.

May – was fun. It was also just full of revision and work so there isn’t much, just living for the little happinesses I guess. For instance, it was a beautiful day so I went Wanstead Park to do some coursework. I did meet up with a lot of people and definitely fell in love with Pinterest this month, it has become my new safe haven from everything I love it to this day. It ended kind of for the worse and it was the start of the end, it made the phrase “all good things must come to an end” feel very true. I’m grateful for spontaneity nonetheless, I love planning but knowing that my friends are up for ice cream on a random Thursday is beautiful.

June – went bang. Exam season was in full swing and it was all a bit full on. Time was precious so procrastination was the enemy. Ramadan had come and gone and with the last exam Summer started. Summer started at rock bottom, I had the worst best day but I wouldn’t miss it out. The end of a dream came but me being me didn’t let that sink in till the next month because I was too busy to be emotional. On the last day I met Bethany Mota and even to this day that was my most surreal experience. Bethany Mota is the best big sister and meeting her just proved it even more. MOTA FAM FOREVER!

July – fancy food. It started with a fresh look on skincare and catching up with friends. It’s important to detox life from clothes to people and that’s what happened here. I was sad. I ate good food. I had a lot of fun and it taught me that life can throw anything but there is no strict rule on how you deal with it so just do what feels best and let the haters hate.

August – beautiful. I finally took everything into account and you don’t need tears to feel. I had a blast with friends and family for real if anything I have learned to appreciate human connection so much more this year. I read a few books and watched a bunch of movies snd everything was sort of falling in place. Things change and really life is made up of decisions, big decisions were made this year and I’m grateful for all the experiences that have helped me make them.

September – it was time for a change in motions. Everything got cleaner and anything unnecessary was debunked. I started tracking it all doen making sure to be sociable and motivated. I’m in love with everything from then till now and it’s all been a bit of peace. Yeah, there were a couple of bad days but I had a lot more good for them to be important. Omd guys, I went Spice Hut and ordered myself, this is a big deal for me so yay thank you Farha for taking me because nah I wasn’t going to walk in by myself.

October – if I ever said anything was busy I forgot how busy new starts get. Uni life had hit and not the fun stuff I mean long hours of listening and sitting still had come and it hit me hard. I loveee the learning and experiencing but I became so exhausted thus coffee is back in my life guys it’s just a necessity for me to be able to stay awake and I mean that in the most literal and embarrassing way. The end of October had some turbulence haha I’m laughing cause it was just really sad. Hope. That’s just such a funny idea. Believe that things will br good for no reason other than you have faith it will be. I have faith in you and I hope everything goes wonderful for you and I wish you all the best for the year to come, choose happiness whenever you remember to and if you forget… 😀 HEY ILY SMILE SILLY!

November – pretty meh tbh. Once I got over the thrill of it all everything seemed so stuck in routine and boring. It was hard to be free and feel happy when you had deadlines keeping you back. The one thing I fell in love with that is staying with me into 2018 is ice skating. It started with a penguin and now although I can balance on my own feet I am excited to look into learning for myself. It is literally my new favourite thing to do so if anyone wants to invite me out to go ice skating I’m so down.

December – its been fun. I’m actually in love because birthday month and there’s actually been quite a few serious incidents but I mean would I be living life properly if there wasn’t? I had churros for the first time this year and guys it’s actually so good. It’s like a doughnut but better. I made a lot of plans this month and it’s all good I got through it ayyy. If anything December was an actual mess but like the kind of mess you put in art galleries and call fancy. I’m like a fancy splatter of paint, anyone who says otherwise is just uncultured in the art.

And 2017 is wrapped upp! If I had to sum it up because you couldn’t be bothered to read it then I’d say it was all a big learning curve, I’m grateful for my friends and family for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. I had some of the best moments of my life this year, just as I had some of the worst and I wouldn’t skip any of them.

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