Lush Boxing Day Haul

Oh guys you don’t even know how crazy I went in Lush, let’s just be clear I used this blessed day well. I don’t even understand the reasoning behind Boxing Day but I am so glad that it exists because it is the one day that Lush have a sale and I am content. I’m going to get right into it because there’s a lot. A lot of it is part of the Christmas sale so won’t be available to purchase right now, but believe I waited a year for this sale so this can be inspo for Boxing Day 2018. Especially, as this year they decided to be in store only. The experience was pretty calm but I didn’t go to a big store like Lush in Oxford Street (maybe next year) and the line was long but manageable with a friend on the phone.

SNOW FAIRY COLD PRESSED SOAP – snow fairy is the holy grail scent at Christmas time. Super sugary and sickeningly sweet I love it. It’s a bubbly bubble gum scent that lasts all day and I swear it will always make me hyped to wear because I feel clean and moisturised and light like an angel (#teamNice). I chose the soap because I already picked up a shower gel so this was for a change, as it’s cold pressed it’s slef preserving which makes it last longer and better for the environment.

CANDY MOUNTAIN BUBBLE BAR – of course the bath can have a special bit of love and with this, the bubbles will make it all float happy. The sparkles are prettyyyy and it’s like you’re in your own palace bathroom.

SNOW FAIRY NAKED BODY CONDITIONER – hold the phone because if you haven’t heard Lush made their products available as Naked to give customers the option to help reduce waste (better for the environment) and I’m kind of weary with it just because storage would be more messy so I’d need to prep for that before buying it. HOWEVER the body conditioners are totally worth the effort!! Usually, they are liquid in a tub and that’s calm right but I swear the solid version is a game changer. It’s so much more easier to use because you just dip it in the water and then glide it on you (freshly shaved) skin and it just glides on like butter. The smell is actually blissful, and if you’re a daytime shower taker this is great because it moisturises your skin whilst your in the shower, saving you the struggle from doing it after. I just wish I bought two, for real.

TWILIGHT SHOWER GEL – this is another signature scent in Lush at winter time and is beautiful for all those lavender lovers who like a sweet smell but can get sick of it really easily. Filled with lavender, vanilla, tonka and ylang ylang oil it creates a gorgeous combination perfect for evening shower takers to help put them into a peaceful slumber.

TWILIGHT SPARKLE JAR – after that amazing shower I’d recommend using this moisturising bar to keep the scent in and to keep your skin feeling warm and snug. I love this bar in particular because it’s a jar, holding glitter powder inside so if you’re going out somewhere special you can dust it on your body for an added shine. The bar is made of cocoa butter so it’ll stay in shape till you use it and then it’ll melt at body temperature, perfect for the winter season.

GOLDEN PEAR SOAP – I like this soap a lot. It’s such an original scent like pears. I get apples and strawberries and even The Body Shop have banana scent but pear is just so underrated. So, this luxury soap is just fabulous. It’s not super refreshing which is nice for winter because it’s more comforting than anything. It’s a bit pricey normally so if you see it on sale then get ittt. Guys it’s in the shape of a pear I’m obsessed, definitely a beautiful scent and I am so going to miss it when it finishes. Aww lush continue being creative and maybe make a Spring version please thank youu.

GOLDEN WONDER BATH BOMB – THIS IS MY FAVOURITE. I LOVE THEM ALL AND THIS IS MY FAVOURITE I bought three. First of its gold and then blue inside and that us my favourite combo of colours. It smells beautiful, like luxury and lemons and oranges. The bath bomb is full of essential oils that leaves your skin so smoooth and silky. Oh, snd I cannot forget to mention the glitter. THE GLITTER. The glittery bath is just a wonderful way to end the day and sleep. I highly recommend this like if you could inly buy one buy this one and don’t forget Lush sale so buy twoo.

MAN IN THE MOON BUBBLE BAR – this is just really cute and beautiful (yellow and blue so my aesthetics) and a bubble bar so fantastic for fun times. It has a super citrusy scent so if you’re not about that sweet Christmas nose then do not worry Lush has you. This little emoji has cocoa butter and even vegan dark chocolate to leave your skin nourished and fresh.

PAN GALACTIC GARGLE BLASTER – I couldn’t pass the toothy tabs and not buy one. If you’ve read my review on toothy tabs before then you know I love the fun of it so yeah I bought one. I chose this one because its full of lemon oil to leave your breath fresh without being minty snd it’s not like I’m against that I just wanted something different. Recently, I’ve been using charcoal powder to clean my teeth and so this will be wonderful for special days that I need an extra oomph in shine to my teeth.

BUTTERBEAR BATH BOMB – definitely the cutest bath bomb from the whole lot, this little bear is just as cosy as a teddy. I’m planning on using this on a rainy day when it’s cold and boring because it is just so cosy and warm. The little guy is filled with cocoa butter, ylang ylang oil and musk to create the perfect cosy warm bath. The essential oils leave your skin nourished and happy. I am genuinely looking forward to pairing this with the candy mountain bubble bar for bliss.

And we are good!!! I did buy a lot but a big bit of it is multiples of products mentioned or gifts for family members. I am super in love with everything I bought and I have to say this is not a brag post at all. I am super grateful for everything that I have and I wanted to share it as my reviews on the sale (all of these were on sale) to help anyone in the future and trust me this time last year I wouldn’t dare buy this much but I regret nothing; I saved up for ages. Lush is such a beautiful shop from making organic products that work wonders on the skin to trying to help the environment and I support them wholeheartedly! Thank you for reading, do you have any faves from this review or just the Lush Christmas range?

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