New Year Priorities

I get it. There are a lot of people who just dislike New Years resolutions whether it be because they won’t stick to the goal or because they don’t believe goals should be set to a date I don’t really care I love them. I love that January 1st was on a Monday I love feeling that there is always a time for a new chance. So, for whatever reason you are here if you want to know what my priorities for 2018 then keep reading.

Bad habit to good >> I need better sleep hygiene. Which is really weird because I like sleep, really I do but when it actually comes down to the actual “hey it’s time to go to sleep” part of sleeping I’m a mess. I often got so caught up in the whirlwind of life that I haven’t been giving myself time to wind down which meant I’d crash often and I’d crash hard. So, for 2018 I will perfect the art of evening routines and whether it be full of #littlegirlythings or minimal and zen, sleep will become a ritual in itself instead of a thing I like to do often.

New skill >> I have a keyboard in my room why do I never take it out and use it. No more. This year if I don’t use it I’m taking it out of it’s oh so convenient spot and giving it away to someone who will give it more love than I ever did. But the spot is actually perfect for it so I don’t want to. Playing the piano would be cool to learn actually so at the very least I’m going to try. Yaaay I just realised that means I need a new notebook!

My inspiration >> ofc Bethany Mota is my fave forever and a merge of her, Kadijah (RA), Dina Tokio and Rihanna is literally who I want to be in life. Though if I had to pick one person I want to learn from this year I think it’s going to be Adelaine Morin. If you don’t know she’s a YouTuber who’s spreading the message of happiness through doing what she loves and that always makes me happy too. I love her personality and I want a bit of that magic! Her style is so cool and choosing her as the person I hope to be more like will make me feel less guilty about binge watching her videos.

Good deeds >> should be doing good deeds anyways shouldn’t I? Should have saved blood donating for this year haha (if you want to see check my insta story). I’ll do it again obviously but now I gotta come up with a new one, the intention isn’t pure anymore *sigh* Actually I have been making a conscious effort to talk more to staff at places. Maybe it’s because I’m going places alone or because I work in a shop so I deal with it myself but I think it’s so nice when you feel kindness from another soul in humanity who’s just caring and being lovely just for the sake of it. I want to work on that and even if it seems a little boring, I think it means a lot and that’s what counts. I’m going to make a conscious effort to say thank you more and pick out the cute things and let the people know that I like their outfit or what they just did was amazing and they should be proud of themselves yeah that seems good.

Place to visit >> this is actually such a difficult one for me because although most people want to travel and explore I’m content with not moving. There are small places I’d like to take a trip to and there are big trips but I think it’s more the experiences I want to have that makes me go. For 2018, I would like to experience the sea, I think a boat trip is due and since I live in London with the River Thames so close this doesn’t seem out of reach. A big trip maaaybe to another city in Europe. I’m not entirely sure which one or whatever but I do want to experience being in this world and to seeing it all from a different perspective: fashion, art and food!

Book to read >> I’m such a funny book worm. When I start reading you can’t stop me but if I’m not reading I don’t care at all. Right now I’m reading a couple of poetry books and one book on personal development so I’m in the zone because it’s the holidays. When uni starts I’ll feel bad for reading for leisure so I think I’d like a book for growth and learning in psychology. I am thinking ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ by Lewis Carrol which might seem rather contradictory to what I just said however, it was recommended by the psychologist. This was for showing the social nature of language, thought and how concepts are deeply rooted in the history of ideas. I love it because it’s still letting me enjoy a fictional book but helping me develop on my critical analysis skills by looking at things from a different perspective.

Letter to write >> it’s so funny I wrote up a list of people I want to send letters to and literally the first one is to the Queen. Whether I actually do it is the question. I don’t know why so until I have an actual reason there’s no point of sending a letter. Right now as in this very moment my brilliant brain came up with the idea of sending a photograph capturing Britishness to me and then asking her on what she thinks it means to be British. It was just one of those questions we were asked in history lessons with no real answer, I’d like to know her thoughts on the topic.

Food to try >> I love food. This January I am going vegan as a dabble into the movement. I’m doing it for health reasons but also to help the animals and environment so with that my food options have become very limited yet exciting. I plan to eat at three different vegan places this term alone. A vegan cafe, restaurant and desert shop. I think being vegan I’m afraid that my food won’t be as exciting as everyone else (no more Nando’s really) but looking for new places to eat and maybe trying out a recipe will make the anxiety of it all fade away.

Be better >> to be better at something means I need to improve right so really it’s asking for something I want to improve on. There’s a ton of things I could improve on like organisation, health or even drawing but none of them sound really appealing. Wow do I think I’m perfect or something? Noooo. Okay right now my brain is buzzing with be better in photography. I studied it for two years so it’ll be interesting to see the projects I do as a freelancer and how I evolve from there. I just got my first DSLR and I couldn’t be happier so working in taking pictures creatively and from a unique perspective and finding out my own quirks will be the goal this year. Purely learning, maybe a small scrapbook to document it all we shall see.

Woah that’s a loooot of things it do this year. Priorities though, I can fit it all in as long as I work on what matters most my time will be spent well. Dooo you have any goals you’d like to accomplish this 2018? Big or small I’d love to know!

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