50 facts about me x

I’m doing this tag because I find it fun and interesting and recently people are subscribing to my blog and I’m just like what, why? So, for them this is a way to get to know me. I scoured the internet for random questions that you might like to know the answer to and this is what I got! I’m just longing this introduction so I can add a page break and then you have to click it to start reading the facts so please if you’re interested just start reading.

  1. My full name is Shazeda Humira Begum, that’s an awesome name ❤
  2. My birthday is on the 8th December, making me a Sagittarius (my fave number is 8)
  3. I’m 5ft 2/3″
  4. I am absolutely afraid of being trapped, I’m not claustrophobic but if the doors are locked I’d panic [agoraphobia]
  5. I love photography, as an art I’m mesmerised in the process and reasoning for a photograph, how styles differ between person and it’s just beautiful
  6. My BestFriends are Nithya and Yuri – they can deal with my weirdness and that means a lot ❤
  7. I am currently obsessed with Location by Khalid
  8. I do not like feeling useless, I like reasons and explanations for things
  9. I love when people talk about something they’re obsessed with and their eyes kinda sparkle like their passion is just glowing, I love it!!
  10. I don’t consider myself to be a kind person, I do find that quality hella attractive
  11. I have 2 piercings per ear but am planning to add a couple more
  12. I made a blog to share my thoughts and opinions. A lot of my ideas come from real situations when people ask me questions and I want to share it with others in depth
  13. Right now, I had a cup of coffee with soya milk so I’m all jittery and alert but hella anxious haha why do I do this to myself idk
  14. I really, really want the Dior BB cream in 003 but I don’t want to buy it because I feel like it’s unnecessary but I do really want it
  15. My URL is because I wanted a name that would always suit me and because at one point people kept saying “you smell like Shazeda”, “that’s so Shazeda”, “you’re being so Shazeda” and well, whether that was a good or bad thing it stuck

    Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you – Tyrion Lannister (S1E01) [Game of Thrones #1 by George R. R. Martin]

  16. I feel sad when people I care about are upset and I can’t/don’t know how to help (I feel useless and to them is terrible)
  17. Yellow aesthetics is life ❤
  18. I miss my Dad, right now he’s in Bangladesh and I find myself wondering how he is, he’s coming back this weekend though so I look forward to that!
  19. I love my mum, she’s so funny – she gets mad over little things like at my big brother for using the wrong bed sheets, she can be hella savage (I get it from her)
  20. My parents and I have a funny relationship – being Bengali we love each other undeniably but can also not stand each other’s presence for long periods of time (they’d acc hurt me for publicising this, there is such love, much wow)
  21. I prefer cosiness to glam, a rainy day is actually my favourite
  22. I like baths, I like showers too, Lush should sponsor me idm x
  23. Confession: I need to pee but I just went 20mins ago so I don’t wanna get up again
  24. I lied to myself this morning when I said “I’m going to bed at 9PM”
  25. I love pandas, it started with socks (like all good things), then gloves but now I’m planning to go visit some at The Edinburgh Zoo
  26. If AliOfficialUK needs a wife Hi! Hello! Hey! I am here x
  27. Right now, I am worried by the 1% chance Ali sees this and I just spontaneously combust from being too embarrassed
  28. I constantly think of the future, it’s actually really bad because I just worry but it is good because I have a lot of optimism and always want to better myself
  29. Three bad habits: I bite my nails, sometimes. I bite my lips a lot more. I love shopping way too much.
  30. I am learning to play the piano, I’d like to be able to play Für Elise by Beethoven
  31. I fantasise about food. It’s no joke and it never gets old. What am I going to eat next? Donner kebab? A salad? Both? Who knows?
  32. Yesterday I did glam makeup and then took a nap; such busy, much exhaust
  33. I like going to the cinema but I get really picky about the movie
  34. My favourite place in the world is a library, right now uni library bc 24/7 but libraries in general are cosy and you can read books or just chill and it’s just wonderful
  35. I like margarita pizza tbh
  36. I consider myself to be an extroverted introvert (infj for mbti)
  37. Funnily enough, my favourite social media is Pinterest then Snapchat (smilepanda98)
  38. I love cereal, I like porridge
  39. Bullet journalling and journalling in general help keep my head at peace
  40. I love socks. I love stationary. I love Lush (hey). Enjoy the lil things right
  41. When I talk to someone for a long time, I purposely stop speaking to them for a bit because I think they’re fed up of me
  42. As much as I want to, I have never read any Harry Potter book
  43. I really like substitute meat like Quorn burgers or veggie sausages idk
  44. I get sleepy early on in the evening no matter how much caffeine I’ve had
  45. My favourite coffee is soya flat white but I usually get filter coffee with soya milk
  46. If I could change anything about myself I would have got my ears pierced during the Summer holidays last year
  47. I’m insecure about my acne scars because they make me look all spotty and I do not like it, not one bit
  48. My favourite makeup technique is contouring
  49. My favourite part of my skincare routine is chilling with a face mask
  50. I wanted to finish this so I could go home and take a bath omd yes ily but it is done! Home timee xx

SO, that’s the scoop on me! Hey to all the new people who mysteriously found me. Hope you’re happy with your decision and stick with it (please).  I’m hungry now, are you hungry? What are you going to eat for dinner? Also, also nothing is sponsored in this post but there are a lot of links so you can find the stuff I’m talking about x

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