Okay look it. December of 2017 I bought a camera so I should probably use that and start taking nice pictures to advance in photography skills but no I stick to iPhone photography. I am lame. I WILL GET BETTER THOUGH because I have decided to do monthly catch ups through photographs!! Amazing! Brilliant idea! Totally not taken from the thousands of other bloggers who have done this before me (if that’s you, thanks for the inspo b xx you helped a sister out). So, to start off this series, let’s get into January through the photos!!


We start the year off with a congratulations because 5/01/2017 I was awarded my first ever Influenster box woop woop! I had just recently joined the bandwagon and to receive my first ever box from Marc Jacobs of all companies was aMAZING! Especially because Marc Jacobs is cruelty free, I was so excited to try these out. They are on the pricey side so I wouldn’t have ever thought woah let’s spend a lot of moolah on an eye crayon but oh mY DAYS it’s a life changer, seriously. Definitely getting a black pencil because I have two and one is really dark and creamy (but not waterproof) and another is waterproof and glides so well (but smudges) and these bad boys can do it all, no smudges and that is hella amazing. Eyeliners last for such a long time so if you’re looking for a new one I would so recommend these! They have a matte and shimmer collection with a wonderful range of colours so check em out! (link here)


SECOND WEEK OF THE MONTH AND THIS BESTFRIEND DECIDES TO TAKE OVER MYYYY UNI how dare she!? First day back for uni and I’m strutting my stuff, going to lectures when I have my panicked BestFriend message me that she needs help with her uni work. So I’m like cool I’ll hook you up we can get some books and you can write your essay. She ends up falling in love with my cafe (to be fair she found it but my uni so I rule) and then come Library time she ends up being able to get her own ID card and like 10 books to take home. HERE WE SEE BestFriend go through multiple books and needing my expertise because she did not know how libraries work. To be fair, it wasn’t that bad, she got her essay done and I was able to fall in love with cafe and find an Asda so it was all worth it in the end really.


Here we see a picture of my bitmoji’s face but look closer LOOK INTO MY EYES and you will see my soul for that is the way bodies work. it’ll be fine I say to myself when in reality I have a lab report due but have I even started it? I have a mentoring session but did I do any work or just dance to songs from 2000? it’ll be fine I say to myself as I make plans to go out with friends because I want a social life and realising I will leave sleep to also keep up with my studious self. it’ll be fine, it’ll be fine. (dated 15/01/2018, Mondays can be hard sometimes)


This is a pretty picture I took on 20/01/2018 from the Lumiere festival in London, it was lit, literally! Wow I kust realised all the pictures so far have been from my camera. In this image I used a canon eos 200d with a 50mm lens at f/2.2 apperture and at 1/4000 of a shutter speed with the ISO at 6400 so I could focus on the lights, the blur let me make the lines bolder, which looked cooler than in sharp focus. I was inspired by the festival leaflet map guide which had the same light as their front cover. It was such a pretty evening out because of the shows and I would so recommend people to go, it’s literally for 4days in January (free event) and scattered all over London so a reason to tour London at night!


28/01/2018 I’m taking a bath on this evening and I take a picture of my face mask and explain why I use it because when I speak about face masks a common question is “what are they for?” “what do they even do?” but those are hard to answer because face masks can have different purposes from detox to adding serums or even just for fun, this simple step in self care should not be dismissed as unnecessary. Face masks help treat the skin and I NEED THEM in my life. So, I am going to review face masks on my snapchat to educate my dear friends and let them know what’s good. If you’re interested my snapchat is smilepanda98 so add up!


29/01/2018 is a Monday and I am still stressed because I have to go shopping for birthday presents but I’m looking cute too. It all worked out wonderfully with the help of BILL AYYY WHAT’S GOOD? We had such a cute day out and idc if this wasn’t taken on a camera, I took it on her phone and we went to the library so it was an amazing day and I wanna cherish it so here is me keeping it online for all to read and to let the memory live on.

This has sounded really weird because I really need to pee but I also equally need to write a post so I was all like finish the post then pee and now I’m slightly bursting. Guys, I need to have a specific time to write posts when is a good time idk but I LOVE WRITING but I procrastinate out of fear of public from writing not being good enough, what is up with me I do not know. Anyways, I don’t think I’m gonna edit this because raw feelings so I’ll see you bees on the next post!

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