April 2018 Wish List


Sheet masks. Recently my skin has been doing really well and to keep that going I’ve been using sheet masks. They are so helpful in adding serums to the skin and are so much easier to use compared to face masks that need to be washed off. However, they are a tad bit pricey so I’ve been on the hunt for great sheet masks at low prices, trying Primark versions, online and even DIYs! I have to say Boots sheet masks are now my favourite! They’re helpful in the simplest of terms with my minor problems, for instance my skin doesn’t tend to get dry but I’ll use the luminous youth mask if my skin seems tired and needs a boost or the radiance and brightening mask after a good scrub to keep that healthy glow. I love these sheet masks because you can see the impact for days and because it’s quite cheap it can be added to my skincare routine as a regular. I do want to try out the energising and revitalising face mask because that sounds interesting and just go crazy next time I purchase them. By crazy I mean get a lot, I don’t mean start a rave in Boots, although I’m sure that would be fun too!

I have been meaning to try out Soap & Glory skincare for ages but I just never got round to it. I’ve seen so many good reviews but I just didn’t want to give up trusty staples. However this face wash has vitamin C and I just find that my skin loves products with vitamin C (or E) so I just have to give this a go and April is the month I shall. There’s a 3 for 2 in Boots right now so I think I’ll try out the other products while it’s there. I am so fortunate that with warmer weather my skin has less acne but for the occasional spots buying this cream will help me remove them (otherwise popped, I’m gross) without leaving a mark. The cleansing milk is new to me. I’ve tried them out a few times but I just didn’t understand it as a kid. Now that I’m so much older >.< I get that the formula is so much more moisturising and hydrating for the skin so I’d use it as my evening face wash. This one says 4in1 so I’m looking forward to all the amazing things it can do! Although, I am such a poop when it comes to taking off makeup because I’ll just use oil and wipes, this face wash will help me create a stronger night routine because I’ll have to use it every day, makeup or not.

My favourite basic outfit is a long sleeve top with jeans. I can dress it up in a pleather of ways but this base is my favourite. So far, I’ve got the basic black, white and navy blue top and a couple of jeans but I want to expand my collection because it’s my absolute fave for everyday looks. I get my basics from Uniqlo because I love the quality, it’s strong and comfortable. In winter, I used their heat-tech clothes which I think helped make me invincible to the cold so I’m now a huge fan. I find it interesting wear people buy their jeans from, so let me know in the comments! Even though it’s Spring now there’s still a lot of cold weather so this outfit is perfect. I mean you could play it up with accessories and experiment with colours because it’s so hard to go wrong. Also the whole white top, light jeans look makes me feel so cool idk like I could be chilling in a library in the morning and then working on a huge business deal come that evening and I’d still be dressed for the occasion.

Poke bowls. Ah, a bowl of salad but more. It’s basically a bowl of rice with fish and toppings, all fresh and diced into small cubes to easily eat and I’m in love with it. The thing with salad is I’d happily eat it at home but I do not understand how that is date food. Watch me eat chicken chopped up okay but spinach nah spinach has its own life. So poke bowl is cute and happy and filling. And I seriously love salmon so when this became a thing I was obsessed. Yet, it’s going to be Ramadan soon so I think I just want to eat this as much as possible before all the restrictions come down and lunch is taken away from me.

And finally, how could I have a wish list and not something from Lush? Impossible. I’m trying to calm down with bath bombs because as wonderful as they are I don’t actually take that many baths so now I have a stack that won’t go down. I love the body butters and I use my lip scrub every week. Right now, I want one of their perfumes. It’s kind of terrible because I already have a body spray that smells of vanilla and it’s wonderful. The only thing is that as fast as I’ve got it’s going. The thing with body sprays is that they don’t last as long I’d like so I carry it around to top up. Which isn’t terrible but that does mean even for a cheap price that it finishes hella fast. I like to spritz a ton in the morning and with a perfume I wouldn’t have to reapply so getting this scent would be the best thing. I spritz either this or rose jam body spray every time I go into Lush so maybe it’s about time I buy one.

And with that, comes the end of my wish list for April. There’s a ton here that are probably classics for someone else but I just wanted to spruce up a change for me, do you have any of these already? Let me know what you think of them x

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