64 things to do this Summer

Summer started early this year which means there’s more time do everything and anything. Of course there’s going to be days to do absolutely nothing but here’s some ideas for when you want to create fun new memories. I have been making this list for a couple of weeks and it got me through the last leg of my exams so if any of you are still studying hard, here’s some good stuff to look forward to!

  1. Learn to drive
  2. Learn to play an instrument
  3. Learn to cook (GBBO episodes count)
  4. Learn to paint (even if it’s just a swirly sun)
  5. Get an ear piercing
  6. Get a tattoo (temporary counts)
  7. Get a haircut or hair colour (temporary counts)
  8. Go to a different library
  9. Go to a different cafe
  10. Go to a different shopping mall
  11. Go to a different park (picnic is fun)
  12. Go to a different cinema
  13. Take a photoshoot of your BestFriend
  14. Take a photoshoot of your cat (or any pet)
  15. Take a photoshoot of yourself
  16. Go to the beach (must)
  17. Go to the zoo (not just for kids)
  18. Go to the amusement park (even if you think it’s for kids it could be fun)
  19. Go to the museum (this can be fun I swear)
  20. Go to a gallery
  21. Go to the bowling alley (even if you kinda suck, today might be your day)
  22. Go to the ice rink (hot days especially so good)
  23. Go to the funfair (take someone you really like)
  24. Go thrift shopping
  25. Go swimming
  26. Go climb
  27. Go jump rope
  28. Go bike riding
  29. Eat junk food
  30. Eat sweet treats
  31. Eat fancy food
  32. Eat grandma’s cooking (or from someone really cosy and cooks)
  33. Eat savoury snacks
  34. Eat healthy
  35. Get a manicure, pedicure
  36. Try a competition (giveaways count)
  37. Apply for an internship (work experience)
  38. Do some volunteering
  39. Maybe even get a summer job
  40. Stay at families
  41. Stay in another city
  42. Stay outside
  43. Stay inside
  44. Read a good book
  45. Read a magazine
  46. Make a vision board
  47. Make a summer playlist
  48. Make a scrapbook
  49. Make an invention
  50. Make art
  51. Make a new recipe
  52. Host a party
  53. Pretend to have a different accent for the day
  54. Pretend to be someone else
  55. Vlog a day
  56. Binge watch a show
  57. Buy a new wardrobe (or just some accessories to go)
  58. Buy new bedsheets
  59. Buy new candles
  60. Buy flowers
  61. Buy a phone case
  62. Turn off your phone for a day
  63. Say yes to everything for a day
  64. Write poems

Well there it is! 8*8 many ideas for a great summer holiday. Hope you’re inspired for a wonderful time, did I miss anything?

~ with love, Shazeda x

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