the princess saves herself in this one – amanda lovelace

An introduction. I was recommended this book from people on Twitter and then Amazon so i just had to get it. No regrets I’m in love with her style of writing. Fair warning, she is not afraid to get really personal and that inspires me to another level. The book is broken down into 4 chapters: the princess, the damsel, the queen and you.

This is the one to remember. I’m not planning on being a poet but I believe in the magic of words. They have the power to change the world. It’s a skill to be able to articulate yourself well and to grab people’s attention. To change their thoughts with the pattern you make from the 26 letters in the alphabet (this is only for english and even then I don’t do that well) so, bravo to writers everywhere. [chapter: you]

I included this one because I think it’s an important reminder for anyone who ever feels self conscious about it. Trust me, I’ve been there and it can be a dark force of poetry in itself but that’s why I like it. Poems do not always have to be metaphors upon metaphors with secret codes. I just like to believe the one rule is, it has to make you feel something, good poems help you discover things you didn’t even know were there. This poem does that for me and I love it. It’s a simple reminder that I will not be defined by my body, I am more than that and my self worth is more than that. Woah, we can get deep here, and boom discovering myself in a short but powerful poem. [chapter: the princess]

While this one contrasts to the other in style, it has a similar theme. I would so recommend this book for young teens because I remember the beginning of this terribly scary time and how much of an emotional roller coaster it can be. There needs to be so much more focus on self love and and self care and that does not mean having to remove hair. Life is so much more than that, beauty is so much more than appearance and I hope everyone remembers that. [chapter: you]

In case no one told you today: You’re beautiful. You’re loved. You’re needed. You’re alive for a reason. You’re stronger than you think. You’re going to get through this. I’m glad you’re alive. Don’t give up.

I think this is so touching, the feels you know. It’s such a deep question when in a relationship “are you my forever?” This can drive one insane but I also think that’s where the fun is. Maybe it is about the journey and and being in the moment and being happy, then it’s all worth it. [chapter: the damsel]

A girl’s life is worth more than her reproductive position. I do not have to become a mum to be valued and my end goal in life does not have to be get married and have kids to look after for the rest of my life. That doesn’t make me a bad person and that does not make me less female. I’m getting angsty because it’s so upsetting that the opposing mindset is so inherent in society that this message still needs to be shared. [chapter: you]

Slay them gurl. I think there’s this dangerously thin line between working and progressing together to reducing your self-respect for the benefit of another. I think this is a sad but truthful fate for some. I love the idea about having a partner for life, so when you are with this person you have fun and love each other. But you also grow through the hard times together. Of course, being with someone is about giving and compromising but that does not include compromising yourself and who you are for another. In romantic relationships but also platonic and business relationships too. [chapter: you]

This was my favourite because it hit me so hard to my mindset. It reminded me of how much I let opinions of others in and let that control me. I am a strong independent person and that makes me happy. When I know what I want then that’s it but it’s when I’m undecided that I’ll ask others. The problem there is that I might not want to do it (I’m not sure) but letting someone else decide is crazy for me. I do like it because I love routine but following someone else lets me enjoy something different that I just wouldn’t without them. [chapter: you]

I am in love with this whole chapter, I know this is the only one but that’s because I just stoped myself and just chose the first one. I love the empowerment and sass with the witty and raw emotions is amazing. I am this chapter, this chapter is me. It is a strong believer in yourself and reiterating the message that you do not need anyone else to live happily. [chapter: the queen]

This book surprised me really and I’m so happy for that. Amanda Lovelace uses a personal style of writing with beautiful metaphors to send important messages. I need to read more of her work. Have you read this book, what do you think?

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