Morning Skincare Routine 2018

Let’s pretend it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these because oh my gosh everything has changed for the summer and I’m so happy with it. Obviously, summer needs a good dose of sun cream and a fresh face is inspirational, so this goes through my simple steps for a summer face ready to take on the world. It’s important to mention that I have oily skin and the Sun just accentuates that so, here are my products to work with that. I’ve been using these products for a while and am obsessed with them all.

To start I have to say that I have wanted this face wash for so long. It looks so cool and it has vitamin C inside which for me, is a wonder because it helps my skin so much. There are few issues for my skin that cannot be solved by vitamin C so I’m in love with this cleanser. It genuinely helps with brightening my skin and the little beads are so weird and fun and make cleaning my skin a do that bit more. I squeeze a bit on my hands and rub into my face then wash off with warm water. I have noticed my skin become less oily and especially in Summer that has been so helpful.

Then I’m not usually bothered for an in-depth routine in the morning so I go straight to face cream. As the weather has been super sunny using a sun cream is a must. I am in love with this cream from La Roche-Posay as it has 50+ SPF so no worries about sun damage but is dry touch so it sits on your skin without leaving a greasy looking shine. Oh my gosh, this actually works and that is magic to me. Even though, I’m not one to get sun burnt this has helped work smooth out my skin texture and I swear this is going to be my anti-wrinkle cream as my skin looks younger because of this. I must say a little goes a long way, even if it’s anti-shine using too much can make your skin really white and patchy looking so not the ultimate sun cream but definitely my favourite this summer.

Then, a spritz of this before and after my makeup makes such a big difference. I know there are now tons of facial sprays but this one is THE ONE. It is filled with vitamins and smells like lemons, once I used it I bought another. I didn’t think it would do much but after a few minutes of use my skin looked glowing and happy. For real, this is never going to leave my collection!! It is not a natural product so a couple of spritz are enough to be amazing.

To finish I lather my lips in a lip balm from Elizabeth Arden because this is probably the only lip balm I want to use for the rest of my life. It literally adds a layer of moisture for the whole day. Leaving my lips soft and luscious. The colour is super light and looks really natural. I use this every morning, sometimes I’ll go no lippie because I’m happy with the finish from this.

That is it to my minimal morning routine. Mornings can be really busy or just boring for me so I don’t want it to be excessive as then I’ll become really lazy. Using these, products every day have helped look after my skin in this warm weather and I hope they help you too. Do you recognise any products? What are your favourites?

~ with love, Shazeda x

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