Project finito No. 1

I am such a mess. I mean my life, my room and all my stuff. I’m at a point where it could all be thrown in the bin and I don’t think I’d mind as much as I should. That, is just not a good thing. I’m becoming ungrateful for all the amazing things I have and it’s just not a sustainable future.

Come through Project finito by Phia as the solution. Her plan is to basically use up a products by focusing on using a set choice for a couple of weeks. Every other product is put away to “shop” from at the end of the two weeks to satisfy your shopping urges. The harsh reality of this is that you need to stop shopping for anymore new things until you get through a good amount. This is hard for me, especially this summer ehen everything is on sale but it’s also the best time to start. If you want more info on how the whole thing works then check out her insta story on how Phia sorts out her products. Mine is probably a bit more than necessary but I think for the first time I just want to get through it as easily as possible.

First up face masks. I genuinely owe the saviour of my skin to them so they are such a necessity in my life. Which probably explains why I have a strong addiction to trying them all out and stocking up on everything. Firstly, wanna try out the Garnier face masks because I love all the ingredients like lemon, matcha and red clay; I’m hoping they’re like home made masks but better.

There’s one sheet mask if I’m feeling like my skin is doing good, I’ve never tried Soap&Glory face mask so that’ll be a fun treat. Also, I have no care for my eye area, its not dry or wrinkly or dead (unless I don’t sleep for three days) so it never bothered me. However, I am now on my last teen year so I’m actually going to start testing out these eye samples instead of just passing them onto the next person. The same goes with hair samples, I mean I wear a scarf so it’s not on the top of my list but I do love a good lock of hair and if any of these samples make my hair feel good then it’ll be a bonus to my cleanup.

Deodorant. I want to be like the people who have a signature scent, but I have too many varieties to be able to just stick to one. Now, I’m going to be on a religious rule to buy no more perfumes, lotions or deodorants till I finish the ones I have because your girl stocked up. Personally, I have a ton of perfume samples so that’ll help with the perfume sampling but I need to just finish my terribly large collection Primark perfumes. For instance, I’ve had this little bottle for about a year and if they bring it back for sure I’d buy it again but since they’re always changing so I cannot live off this scent. Unfortunately, I’ll have to enjoy the fruity patootie scent till it runs out. And then throw it away and move on. As for the lemon & coriander deodorant well, girl no joke it’s fresh and cute like for a chill day it lasts long and keeps me feeling clean. It’s just, I don’t need to be smelling like salad for the rest of my life. So, when this finishes, as great as it is will not be repurchased. Although, it is summer so I am happy for it.

One time my hand was so dry it started peeling. I was so appalled with myself that it had gotten to that point that I promised to work on keeping my hand moisturised and happy. Thus, explaining my random collection of hand cream. This needs to go. As wonderful as my hands are carrying hand cream all the time is unnecessary. I can just wear it in the morning and be good so having one in every purse was a waste of space. Instead, I’m going to use up all I have and then choose one to buy as my hand lotion.

This is similar to cleansers. For my little face I have too many. I loveee trying out new products but when it comes down to it I have one face and too many things to try in a little time. I have to say though, using the caudalie foam wash had helped so much when my skin was suffering from a reaction (I scrubbed twice in a row, so dumb and so painful) so this gentle wash was there for me. Since then, I’ve bought two more cleansers so I have a problem and cannot appreciate what I have. This detox will be so necessary as I’ll enjoy what I have more.

As facial oils go I did not think I’d be a person who would obsess over them I mean they’re expensive and they all work really well so one would be enough. However, I have fallen for them deeply. This vitamin serum was so good that one time I used it. In fact, so good I used it one time and never again because I didn’t want to finish it. I have this dumb mindset of not feeling like I deserve good things, it stops me from enjoying anything and everything. From beauty samples, to products I’ve bought and especially gifts! I need to use things. I am worthy of stuff. I should use things. Okay. New year new me (I say half way through the year).

And finally, my obsession with pink this summer! I have a ton of British rose products from The Body Shop because I became obsessed with the scent. It’s fresh but perfumed and very floral I love it. So, when I see that a lot of my products matched that I was happy I felt on top of myself so I’ll be taking these little products to the gym and such while their big siblings will be in the bathroom. I genuinely feel happy that they all match and I know I love these products so it’s just about using them up!!

And boop we done! That’s the basket of skincare that I’ll be using for the next couple of weeks so that I can detox without throwing away good products. I bought the basket on sale at Primark for £1 and larger baskets (£4) with my other products to pick from. I’m thinking of making this a series for sure to keep me motivated, what do you think? Any advice for detoxing my life?

~ with love, Shazeda x

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