i am stuck in the mud

I don’t even know why this is so hard right now?! Like I can write pages in my journal about chocolate or type forever about the meaning of life when someone just asked a simple question (I need to stop going on a tangent) BUT I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME find the energy…

BANANA BREAD on a budget

This is the bread I wanna make every morning. This bread is changing my life. It’s so simple that even I couldn’t mess it up. I want to be a chef now so look out for that series guys. If you want to try out this recipe by Jack click on this link, it is so good. #baking #banana #bread #goodmorning #happy #ukbloggers #vegan #lifestylebloggers #easy #recipe #foodie

have you ever gone to an event alone?

And I mean as in by yourself: no family or friends and without knowing anyone there beforehand? Because girl, when I did that oh I was just so scared. This was my first and probably last time experiencing that for sure. The event was ages ago now so I’m okay typing about it but I’ve…

Night routine with Pixi

Okay, can we just take a minute to talk about this beauty brand. Pixi by Petra is actually so good. They’re cruelty free so I don’t feel bad using them. Also, they work and at such a good price. I’m recommending this for all the people who are looking for a mew brand to obsess over, trust me this is it. #beauty #skincare #night #lazyblogging #ukblogger #bbloggers ( @pixibeauty )