Night routine with Pixi

Okay, it is about 30° today and that’s just crazy. The sun is scorching so the only thing I care about in the evening is a good loving for my skin after all this heat. I’m not wearing makeup in this weather, my face is already oily okay it’ll just slide off. I am good with suncream and lip balm. If you wanna find out more check out my previous post on my morning skincare routine. The main thing I’m trying to get from this night routine is clear and bright skin to start tomorrow on a happy note and pixi is there for that. They are a cruelty free brand that sells really good products at a decent price. They do have a makeup collection but this post focuses on the start, skincare.


I use a good cleanser. I have tried pixi cleanser but unfortunately, did not purchase one so, today I just used Aqua Marina by Lush to clean out the sweat from my pores. I swear, I’m at home doing nothing but baking in this heat. This gives me a great matt clean start to my evening skincare routine with pixi beauty.

As amazing as the cleanser is I love a good exfoliate in liquid form. The Glow Tonic exfoliating toner is absolutely, my favourite. This is because I can use it every day and it won’t hurt me but it will do so much good. From my consultation, I learned to swirl the cotton pad on my face, to get the most out of the product. I have to mention, that it does have a smell; like diluted medicine or something but I love how well it works that I just don’t mind. Especially, because it’s not the last product I use so the smell will fade away (in the next step). This is a sample size but I am definitely getting it in the largest size as it has helped clear my skin so well I don’t think I can imagine life without it. You might think I’m exaggerating but you can really see the glow come through from using this product. It doesn’t have any sparkles or anything, maybe just pure magic.

Moving on to toner I am using the Rose Tonic nourishing toner, as I have oily skin but the rose tonic helps keep my face looking clear and bright. I learned to pat this onto my skin instead of swiping and it is much more gentle. I think that was just a necessary change especially after the exfoliating a gentle pat of roses is exactly what my skin needs. I will avoid my eyes from the exfoliate but I have to pat my eyes with this rose toner because it’s just so nice. This might be a bit tmi but I like to rub the rest of the cotton pad on my armpits because it’s just so hot that they can always do with a bit of a wipe. I love this though because after the heat this soothes my skin and calms down in redness from the heat.

At this point I’ll use my popcorn lip scrub by lush to scrub my lips for the night and then wipe off the excess with the exfoliate cotton pad. I’m trying to make my lips a lighter colour because I have such a bad habit of biting my lips that my bottom lip is completely pink and my top is practically my skin colour. If you have any tips let me know.

Then I’ll add the newest but most vital step for my night routine… facial oil! This luxe feeling Rose Oil Blend is the reason my skin is baby soft when I wake up. I think it’s helped make the marks on my skin fade so much and I’m just so thankful for that. I do switch it up sometimes and use a gel based serum if feeling it, otherwise this is my essential every day to make the difference. I have to say, even though I have extremely oily skin I will use a facial oil to add the good oils to my face and not the gross sweaty oil dripping from my forehead. Anyways, a little does go a long way but if you’re doing this right before bed I’m just gonna say do not be shy, you can always rub the excess on your chest and shoulders.

I loveee these products and I hope now you know why. They have smaller sizes so you can try it out for a while if you’d prefer. I know the online shipping order is pretty cheap and there’s the 10% discount when you join their subscription so you just habe to try it out.

If you’re not from the UK then PIXIBEAUTY.COM for youuu!

~ with love, Shazeda x

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