BANANA BREAD on a budget

This post is for my Dad, see he’s diabetic so whenever I bake he gets sad because as vegan as it is, it’s too much sugar for him. Then, one time, it was like any other day really, he comes into my room to snoop about my life and give me advice on just about anything (I didn’t ask for any of it but that does not stop him going on a tangent). And then, he suddenly stops and gives me a puppy face! Can you imagine your grown Dad being all mopey and asking “when are you going to bake something I can eat?” “Like banana bread or something…” So of course, what else can I say except “when you buy the bananas Dad!” That made him too excited omd but it was nice I could hear him being happy about it as he tells my mum from the floor below. I didn’t know I was that lazy (yes I did) that he thought I’d say no.

Anyways, moving onto the bit, there’s this big hype on living at a low price so when I saw an Instagram post on living cheap I clicked it because I can always save some money. It was basically a big shoutout to Jack Monroe for creating a website and sharing really cheap recipes to make delicious foods from the bare minimum. I looked it up and I am obsessed. I wanted to make everything. But I had to make the banana bread first. So I looked it up and she had a vegan recipe so that was awesome.


THE VEGAN BANANA BREAD RECIPE (was removed so here’s a more seasonal version by Jack)

You can find her recipe on the link above because as simple as it I apparently do not have the bare minimum for baking. My dad did buy the bananas and brown sugar but girl I did not even own enough plain flour. I did use chapati flour instead wholemeal; such a mistake but not bad, just would not repeat. Using sunflower oil was completely fine. Oh I did go a bit hard with the cinnamon powder and added nutmeg and pumpkin spice flavoured coffee powder but no regrets. A little regret, coffee powder is not sprinkles.

The gist of the recipe is 220g of plain flour, 1tsp of bicarbonate of soda, 1tsp cinnamon, 75ml of oil, 50g sugar and of course 3 bananas. Preheat oven to 180° or gas mark 4.

I put it in that order because I like to mix my dry ingredients (flour, bicarb, cinnamon) first as prep. I mixed the oil with the sugar because I thought that was a good idea and I mean nothing bad happened. Then, the mashing was such an effort, I got through it whilst watching James Charles blooper video(hi to any fellow sisters). It was super easy after that. I poured the oil+sugar mix into the banana mush and gave that a bit of a stir. Finally, I added the gloop to the flour bowl and gave that a good stir in so everything was mixed together. Popped it in the loaf tin and in the oven for an hour. That is long but if you like it I suggest prepping the ingredients in a jar and then making it quick in the morning. It was great, you can see it was going to turn out so wonderful. PS this is probably such a ratchet method, please check out Jack’s website before starting.

As you can see this came out so well. I did top it off with coffee powder which did not look cute. I made a ratchet glaze to cover it up and add more sweetness. It’s basically a lot of brown sugar, pumpkin spice flavoured coffee powder and hot water. You wanna add more sugar than water and if it’s thick, good just pour it through a sieve before drizzling on the bread.

Dad’s review: “wanted to say thank you very much it was so good I had two slices and if you ever want to open up a cake shop I will be your first customer” soo cute I think it went so well! If you like this post be sure to add my snapchat; beeingshazeda for more!

~ with love, Shazeda x

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