Chaiiwala || Green Street

The chaiiwala perfects the art of tea and all the bloggers agree.

Finally, I have visited this wonderful place and after many a visits I can safely say it is the place for a good southern asian snack attack.

I was hungry when I went and this isn’t the place for a full meal so your girl went all out. We have a review of the Bombay sandwich, masala chips, chilli paneer, Nutella wrap and garam chocolate. I did eat all this with a friend okay I’m not a hippopotamus. The food is so good. I have definitely gone back for the sandwich and the tea is actually perfect. The masala chips did not taste like masala but hey it was sort of sweet and savoury, overall a good snack attack. The paneer was great at the beginning but then by the end tasted really rubbery, it should have come in a dish, not a cone (advice from friend) but hey it was good whilst it was still warm. Maybe if you go lay it on the plate to stop that problem. It wasn’t actually spicy but sometimes that’s good because you don’t want a runny nose in the middle of the day. The garam chocolate is made with full dairy milk (blue bottle) so it was super creamy and delicious. The perfect hot chocolate for the price. The Nutella wrap was last as dessert but by then we were stuffed. Fair warning, this is more heavy then you think. It was a rich, buttery paratha with a good slather of Nutella in the middle. The kind your mum makes on a happy day. I’m sure I’d out on a couple of pounds if I eat it by myself. This is the thickest part of the review because food is so good but I did give this place a 7/10 for the reasons below.

Oh gosh, real quick we need to talk about the prices. First of all coffee for £1.85 okay there is only one size but it is so good and so cheap damn. Then, the freshly made, delicious, scrumptious sandwich is cheaper than ones from supermarkets. Seriously, if anything go for that when you need a bite in Green Street. The most expensive item is there meal deal (check below) and I am living for it. I do need to go in the morning for this at one point because I’m sure that would be as good as the rest (I’ll let you know when I try it).

When you order your food at the counter, you’re given a buzzer to tell you when your food is ready. I couldn’t really see the kitchen but you can sit in their comfy booths, cool counters or wait in line for your food. The service was pretty fast for the food. The shop is a good small-but-not-tiny size so they can easily check on you and you can ask for anything, they’re super chill and friendly.

Can we please talk about the aesthetics? Okay so of course this place is hella Instagrammed for good reason. The food itself is cute and then it comes on their very own newspaper. I am living for the black and white packaging and colourful products. The place itself compliments that with a chill rustic but comfy vibe and hanging architectural lights bringing in that warm lighting.

I did mention when I went I was hungry so that could be the reason but I think… it was quite small. It’s so good and I know my younger siblings could get full on it but I’d need to eat a bit to be happy (I like foood though). So, warning, go when you need a break from shopping, not necessarily because you’re hungry. This is the place for a quick catch up and bite to eat. The atmosphere is so cute but they do only have takeaway cups for a reason really.

The thing I’m actually the most upset about is no alternative milk. Okay, I get it, not everyone is lactose intolerant. Paneer is there. But for a cafe not to have alternative milk at this time id crazy sad. I have gone back for my mum and just because it’s so good. But it’s not on the list of regulars because there’s only so much cinnamon chaii I can have till I need a nice latte (with soya/almond/coconut/non-dairy milk). Basically, they need to up on their game for catering to more audiences.

Of course, I should mention the meat is halal and there is a bathroom (I thiiiink, I didn’t use it but others did) and I have been a few more times since this review. They are on ubereats which is good for anyone in the local area. Have you been or when are you going? What’s your thoughts? Let me know in the comments blow!

~ Love, Shazeda x

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