44 First YouTube Video Ideas

So… I don’t know. Well, I cannot be the only one who thought about starting a YouTube channel so for all of you in the same boat as me; this is a list of video ideas as your first post!

I don’t know why I haven’t started like I have a camera, a phone and well ideas but I guess I just want to be 100% passionate about starting a YouTube channel before doing so. I know that it is a lot of work and trust me I have been thinking about it for the longest time but I don’t know if I’m ready just yet.

  1. 10 little questions tag – I first saw this from Jim Chapman and it was so cute (link here) he’s so friendly and I genuinely wanted to start then and there because it was short but fun
  2. TMI tag
  3. Facts about me
  4. Beauty haul – this is Bethany Mota’s first video and I still look back at it sometimes because it’s so cute and makes me smile to see that everyone starts somewhere (link here)
  5. First impressions – makeup, food, clothes, toys
  6. Favourites
  7. Try on hauls – are so good because they show the clothes more than just oh this is what’s in store and give that little more detail that really go the extra mile (link here)
  8. Empties
  9. Outfits for the week – school, work, holiday
  10. Recreate an on trend on video – okay I saw this with Laura Lee’s apology video and that’s kind of sad but you know I watched it for a bit and play it’ll get views and show your personality (link here)
  11. Copy – for instance there’s trying to follow X’s makeup routine which is a great idea, get creative with this
  12. Instagram followers control my day
  13. Using Instagram obsessed products
  14. Give your opinion on drama – following from above people can be very nosey and love drama. Seriously, I didn’t really know about James Charles even with his stuff but Nikita Dragun I found out about from a drama channel and her stuff. Even if it’s talking about the latest episode of Riverdale it’s good stuff to chat about with the audience (link here)
  15. Reaction videos – songs, movie trailers, announcements
  16. How to – this niche is literally the stem of all internet really (lol dramatic much) but seriously I’ve looked up videos on how to cut strawberries and they are so useful, always. Can be really simple or in depth, up to you (link here)
  17. DIY videos
  18. How I – for more personal stories
  19. Cooking videos – everyone has their style and from budget friendly to vegan or both cooking videos can be customised personally by you and informative
  20. Gaming videos – this niche gets bigger every year and as someone with tons of younger cousins I am well aware of DanTDM and all the Baldi videos out there (link here) it can drive me crazy but there is an audience for this if that’s up your alley
  21. Vlogs – especially if you’re going to a concert, event or have something that is new it can be really exciting for people to watch
  22. Day out – in your city and showing the cool dessert places and the best coffee shop (even if it is a Starbucks) can be really interesting for people who are looking up the area before they visit e.g the best place for fish and chips in London
  23. Get ready with me – can be as detailed as a makeup look or as simple as an ootd these videos are personal and show you and can be as chatty or chill as you like
  24. Types of – this is good to get your creative side out as people can relate to types of workers in a fast food chain and then a types of customers videos because they can be really funny and relatable
  25. Routine videos – morning, night, work it’s all interesting to someone (even if that’s just you)
  26. Bullet journal – my most popular blog post is still my bullet journal posts (link here) and is useful because you have your own style and ideas. If you are following someone else’s ideas be sure to mention them, even if it’s just a name drop
  27. Laundry chit chat – this should be a thing. Emma chamberlain did this in a video (link here) and it is so chill and fun I seriously think it should be a thing to do
  28. Stories – are so cute and personal and interesting, even if someone doesn’t know you being able to articulate your story to get people hooked on you
  29. Mukbang – eating in front of camera so you don’t eat alone is a simple set up and gets a lot of views so people don’t feel like they’re eating alone
  30. Talent videos – if you can sing/rap/dance or even solve puzzles, someone will be interested in your talent so flaunt it
  31. Plan with me – get creative, make a vision board, wishlist and share it with the universe
  32. Spa with me – A mix of evening routine and chill talk videos to get unready with the people and just talk to the people and let them know what you do on a night in
  33. GRWM – get ready with me (also get unready)
  34. Follow me around – this is getting bigger for every niche, if you have a main job whatever it be (link here) show people what you get up to on the regular
  35. Podcasts – that you’re into. This medium is getting bigger every day, maybe share which podcasts you’re listening to pr make your own online
  36. Collab – even if it’s with your family (link here) have fun with a friend in front of the camera to grow your confidence
  37. Challenge videos – there was a time when the OG cinnamon challenge was done by everyone and just because you’re new doesn’t mean you should miss out
  38. Vine videos – recreating a dead media revives those that are still nostalgic and obsessed, maybe you are too
  39. Music.ly (tik tok) – is trying to make a comeback so why not make a video on that and your attempts
  40. The perfect… – bath time, coffee (link here), late night craving
  41. Back to school – is a season for YouTube I swear if you’re in education and can handle it then I would recommend starting there if you’re interested
  42. ASMR videos – this is a niche and if you think you’ve got the skills then share lol
  43. Motivation – clips of your favourite inspirational quotes to help keep you focused
  44. Whatever you want – that includes 1min introductions or just shouting yourself out, this is your first video so have fun and do that!

And that’s it from me! My inexperienced YouTube brain dump is done, anything I missed? Let me know in the comments below. Which type of video is your favourite to watch and hey if you are a YouTuber, leave your links below and will watch as soon as I can!

– Love, Shazeda x

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