Mask Time S.O.S Box for oily skin

My favourite purchase from comic con I do not care this me, this is who I am. The event was super lively and fun. The funniest moment had to have been while I was purchasing these masks a scary death eater came and scared my friend so much she screamed and crouched to the ground! I never imagined to be the person who bursts out laughing in the face of a death eater.

Anyways, besides, the point. I’m such a face mask hoarder because they are so amazing for my skin. So, when I saw this stall my self-care heart was pulled towards it. They hade a wide variety of masks being sold and then I saw these special boxes of masks and they looked so cute. The lovely lady explained that they have specially picked masks for specific skin types. It looked so fun so of course I bought it. I’m not sure how I justified my purchase other than I love me so I’m going to get it and maybe if I write a post on it then it’ll be worth it even more.

Oh guys, spoiler alert… I’m getting masks from here for sure. If you want to then I’d say subscribe now and you can get 25% off your first month (till Nov 30 2018). They’re a monthly subscription service of Korean face masks with the cutest packaging and an simple guide in every box. If you’re feeling even slightly hyped from this post then for the price especially I’m sure you’d love it just as much as I do. Considering that a sheet mask from Superdrug’s is usually £3 don’t quote me but you know) buying 4 for £9.95 (the glow starter box) is less than £2.50 a mask and is delivered straight to your door. No fuss whatsoever, for a mask each week of the month to treat yo self.

A key ingredient for treating oily skin is tea tree oil. The MEDIUS – SOS WATER BALM PORE CARE MASK is perfect for dehydrated and oily skin moments. In winter, the cold air can be a little much for even the toughest skin so this mask is here to fight back and bring in moisture. It contains hyaluronic acid to relieve dehydration and I’m excited to use this after long day outdoors and after a good scrub.

My favourite skin ingredient is vitamin C, I’d rub oranges on my face if that was a thing. I love the smell and my main problem is blemishes (and girl let’s be honest all the marks from pimple popping). The ENTIA – MERINGUE CLOUD MASK is the most fun mask for that. It’s a bubble mask so be prepared to take a lot of selfies as the product works on exfoliating dead cells to remove excess oils and brighten your skin. I’m going to use this before a special day out because it tightens pores and makes the skin extra soft and smooth. It’s going to make my makeup sit on my face so much better and I’m hyped for the cute selfies that will come from this.

The NO:HJ – BANANA SSUL MASK IN TEA TREE was actually the first one I tried because the packaging is so cool and I found it so interesting to use banana and tea tree. I got so excited when I opened the packet because it was a black sheet and I’m so used to white sheet masks the change was fun. I have to mention regardless of the description the mask smelled great and left me feeling glowing and happy. This mask is amazing for sensitive and blemish prone skin, which is what I wanted to deal with that winter evening.

The MEG COSMETIC – TWO STEP JELLY MASK CALMING & PORE CARE mask is a two step jelly mask kit and if that doesn’t sound like fun then I’m sorry but we can’t be friends. It looks kind of scary though because you’re basically supposed to swab at dead skin cells and buildup to improve complexion. I love because my jaw area is acting up. Then, the second step aims to moisturise your skin for up to 120 hours after. A big claim there so I will take some time to apply this mask correctly and hey I’ll let you know my results so come back to keep posted.

This is the cutest mask because I know the drink, I love the drink so a face mask version is just making my heart flutter. This mask by SKIN’S BONI – YOGHURT BONIMINI WASH OFF MUD PACK CHARCOAL is to balance the pH of your skin with clay mud and basically restore your skin. I love kaolin clay because it helps me so much with my oily skin and leaves me feeling glowing. I have never used this before but I know it’s going to be my favourite so I plan to use it on a night in and on a day of self love.

This FRIENVITA – AQUA SPONGE AMPOULE PACK mask was given for free with the purchase at the store and isn’t actually part of the box. I’m going to mention it because all masks make me smile. The instructions are all in another language but it is supposed to be good for sensitive skin as an anti-wrinkle treatment. There’s chamomile and a peptide moisture cream capsule so I’m assuming it’ll be wonderful when my skin is dried out and needs some special loving. Or if I just feel old (and I know I’m not but still) it’ll make me feel better and that’s all I could ask for.

What a wonderful box right? Make sure to use the code SHOW25 when you get yours for 25% off! Because, imagine you get the glow starter box with the discount code, that’s £7.50ish on 4 amazing face masks picked by people who love masking. It literally takes out the hassle but keeps in the fun of masking! What was your favourite mask?

Happy, Shazeda 💛

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