Currently I am…

Writing this piece as my Bestfriend sleeps so I’ve got to be quiet. I was always afraid of having people over. Maybe it was the nerves I’d get before they arrived or if I was being a good host enough. It was some weird stress. Right now, it is the morning after and I feel okay. I mean, i cannot open the window because all the noise will come in and I don’t want to leave so when she wakes she’s not all alone. I’m just going to fit in a quick blog post here.

I just had a cookie, rest assured as amazing as that cookie was, t’was not a good idea. Gotta stay off the milk Shazeda; you’re lactose intolerant. It was a good cookie though, the white chocolate and pecan cookies from Asda. Amazing. Very in season. Must have. Stomach has some regrets but doesn’t it usually?

Anyways. I am currently 19years 11months and 8days old. At this moment I am…

Reading – ‘Grinding it Out – The making of McDonalds’ by Ray Kroc and ‘Bright minds empty souls’ by Jennae Cecelia (but more on that another time)

Playing – how long can I put off my essay before I’m in the deep ends. So far I am in the deep ends, there is no return.

Oh, you mean a game? How much can I eat before my metabolism gives. Really wild game.

Watching – Tokyo Ghoul, YouTubers (Jason Nash, Adelaine Morin, David Dobrik & omd superwoman is on hiatus but she needs it tbh)

If you mean what am I looking at right now, the word count of this blog and thinking about how can I add more words to a one word answer.

Listening to – idek I have a song stuck in my head and it’s such a generic pop song sound but I like it and I cannot think of the name… nope. I’m going to say ‘ruin my life’ by Zara Larson but even as I’m listening to it I’m not sure. You know a song that is so damn catchy is ‘1999’ by Charlie XCX and it’s irritating how I bop along to it.

Working on – not that essay due in three days no that’s for sure. Oh, the blog post coming out this weekend because it’s just about the aesthetics and a mood so I am feeling it.

Eating – that damn amazing cookie. And as fatty I’m thinking about eating an avocado later and yes that’s making me so happy.

Wanting – to go shopping and buy some new foundations, a protein powder, some outfits and such because I got paid today so of course I want to buy everything.

Needing – maybe some coffee. If I go to the kitchen I’m going to eat that avocado so I should wait. There’s only bananas in my room (that’s healthy) and I’m not feeling that right now. Tea. Oh wow it says needing and do I need a man? Do I need some warmth? Do I even need a shower? No. All I care about is food.

Loving – McDonalds? Noooo. Okay I am loving this week. I look great today okay and I’ve been to most of my lectures and I feel like I’m developing a routine (finally) so life on check woo!

Thinking – are people going to even like this post? Should I make something more interesting? I could make a video thing, that could be more interesting..? It’s not something I’d be confident in so not too sure.

Feeling – bubbly from the cookie. But also bubbly in mood because happy with yesterday, happy with now and happy with future. Feeling very grateful and content. Oh, I’m going to see more friends later and although that can be a bit much I like their company so much that I’m excited. I need to look up more happy synonyms because they are all how I am feeling.

For future reference, happiness synonyms – joyful, excited, sensuous, daring, energetic, cheerful, stimulating, amused, playful, creative, hopeful and optimistic!

Celebrating – Friday! Gotta put some attar on. Writing this out. I mean I celebrated being alive and awake by eating that cookie. I really want that avocado. I have two, I could just eat half and still have some left to eat with friend. No. Yes. I want to celebrate my avocado by eating it.

Grateful for – a lot. So much. Did you not read this post? I’m grateful for so much and how things are right now. I know it’s going to change for better or worse but I’m ecstatic and content and hyper right now just because I’m here right now, that’s always a good place to start.

What’s something that’s happening that’s making you happy? What are you currently doing?

Happy, Shazeda 💛

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