I got a new bullet journal and I could not wait so I set it up on the last month of this year. That is who I am, that is my plan and I’m not going to stop till I am at the top, you can bet on it. Forever using HSM references ah. Zac needs to release some music.

The theme of my bullet journal is travelling because I want to explore the world so much more. I don’t think I’ve ever had wanderlust as strong as I do now. So, the title page reflects that. I’m not very artsy crafty but I saw this on pinterest and it is perfect.

The first pages are my yearly overview. I know I’m starting this in December but that just means the new year is soon to arrive and I want a space to write down any plans for adventures now and keep a hold of it all.

A necessity for all the bills, bills, bills. I did not realise how many subscriptions I had. This was not good because every month some money would go and I’m not even sure if it was worth it. This page is going to be so helpful for keeping all that finance in check.

I need a wish list page to keep track on where all my money goes. Last year, I had a super long lush list and when I bought all my items I was chuffed. The satisfaction of ticking it off was just icing on the cake. I can be pretty frugal when I need to save money and this page helps me keep to that.

If you don’t know I’m a bit of a mess. This page was an idea from a friend who helped me figure out a sort of direction in life. After many hours we figured out aspirations for me and genuine goals for me to achieve. I feel so grateful to have her in my life because as simple as this page looks, when I filled it with my thoughts I felt so much clearer. I am still not completely sure where I wanna go but there is an area I’m looking towards. Right now I’m just taking baby steps.

This page is important because I carelessly note down suggestions from people and then when it’s time to watch something I can’t find it. This is also to write down anything I loved and if I get any ideas for outings.

Finally, I wouldn’t feel creatively free without a mood board. I have a page of motivation but also self love. For instance, a list of days I should make time for. I have yet to include them all but I do think they make life a little better. The yellow page is a vibe. I really like the aesthetic, this is my fancy. I am usually dressed pretty basic and plain so yellow made it all come to life and I want this year to come alive.

That’s the setup! I know it’s a bit too early (or late) but hey if you find this when you’re setting up your bullet journal then I hope it helps.

Happy, Shazeda 💛

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