Lessons from outside the classroom

I have finished the first term of my second year at uni and everything has flipped. I’m not going to get into that. I do however, want to share some lessons I’ve learnt from this year so far. These aren’t necessarily focussed on improving studies (but if you want that, let me know) but more the social aspect and getting your self together.

  • My living space cannot also be my study space

I don’t know about you but I have always tricked myself into thinking I can study in my room. I’ve only just realised I cannot use my room as a study space and as a living space. So, what I mean is when I would study in my room (even as part of a routine) my daily lifestyle would become chaotic real fast. I think it was okay when I was at home because my room was bigger and so it felt like a different space. Yet, in my accommodation everything would just pile onto each other and it was getting out of hand. I’m kind of annoyed at this because how far am I going to take it? Can I still blog in my room? (Yes, I am a true lazy blogger and will. not. move) Am I supposed to have a clean room now? (You were always supposed to, so I guess I’m just a rebel).

The only solution I can stick to is using the common room spaces to study in for a bit. I would say library but I haven’t gained the confidence yet. I am so grateful to have a study space in my building because I can be surrounded by people on the same page but also because if I leave anything behind or you know feel shy and helpless… My room is not far.

  • I cannot rely on friends for motivation

I used to have uni buddies but it was getting out of hand. I’ve had members leave, leave me and just not turn up. It is not good. I don’t need new friends, I need to go to my course for my education, not who I see there. It was really nice to have a friend in the same boat but the only way you’ll get anywhere is if you steer your own boat.

The only way I found to work is to motivate myself with food and coffee. I genuinely treat myself for going in but that is not a good switch when I need to go in 4 days a week. I might try changing the treats to healthier alternatives or have to actually incorporate gym to my routine but I need to do whatever it takes to get me in that lecture hall.

  • Do it daily

I’m talking about it all. From the little things like eating breakfast in the mornings at the same time to making time to study you just gotta do it daily. Most days I don’t feel like doing anything so if I gave in to that then I get nothing done.

I use a tracker to help keep me on check. It’s basically two lines of 12 squares and three patterns/colours/codes. There is one for sleeping because it is so important to regulate sleeping, even if it’s at a different time you gotta make sure you have the right amount and not too much or too little. One for productivity and getting your grind on and the last code for socials and stuff well whatever you want. I aim to get 8hrs each and make a little weekly space for it so that I can see how I’m doing that week. I got the idea from Ibz Mo who shared balancing his life by 8hrs.

  • There is more than one way

Whoever makes you believe you are stuck with one option lied. University is so amazing. Education is so important. But that is no reason to let it suffocate you. I’ve heard people complain about it and it’s crazy because you should not feel stuck. I love my course but if I didn’t then it’s important to know that I can stop. Rewire your thinking. Anything is possible. Take some time to think about your decisions and remember, you can do anything.

Thank you guys. Hope you found this somewhat helpful, or at least relatable. It’s crazy growing up and being all independent but I for sure love every part.

Love you. Shazeda.

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