A look at my Boxing Day purchases

Here I thought I was super good at choosing what to buy in sales. But um was it all worth it? *tears slowly falling on my face* maybe not.

Okay a lot of it was actually really good and let me just get that out of the way. I am super grateful for having the money to spend on everything I want so no hate. I did at one time want all these items so I’m happpy,

But. That being said. There are certain reasons some things work out the way they do and it ain’t always fun. Some big misses to remember for next year.

cranberry fizz lip scrub (lush) – Starting off with the facts, if I was in the same situation, yes I would buy this again. Boxing Day is the only time Lush have a sale so if I walk up to the lip area and see that the only lip scrub on offer is cranberry flavour. Yes I would buy it again. As a plus it doesn’t really taste like fresh cranberries so I don’t hate the taste at all. I love lush lip scrubs because they taste so good. Honestly, I’m so lazy I’d use a towel to scrub my lips but when I do use this I feel like such a queen. Happy notes with this post.

mango beauty bag (the body shop) – It is crazy how long I will spend to decide over a scent in The Body Shop and then not buy one because I can’t make up my mind. Buying this small bag of mango treats for £1 (find out how in the video) really made my day. The scent is kind of sweet and fresh but not lemon or sugar so not super basic. I haven’t used it a lot for now as I’m keeping it for hot days (and it’s snowwwwing now) so I just use the hand cream for now.

basic slogan sweat dress (select) – After two wears I am sure I need to go back and get the black version too. I love sweater dresses because it’s casual enough for me to want to wear all. the. time. As well as a dress, so socially acceptable to be an outfit. I can dress this up with makeup if I want and feel good. Here I’m wearing heels but I also can wear my pink trainers and that is amazing. All the girly parts of my personality are happy with this dress. Still want the black and maybe any other versions they have!

reindeer eye mask (primark) – I got one for my sister and since then I wanted one. Now that I have one I barely use it but when I do I’m happy. The night mask helps calm my eyes down which I don’t know if that’s a problem for anyone else. Some days I’m on tech so long that my eyes kind of burn and are buzzing. By the end of the day you just want a good rest and using this with it makes sleep extra relaxing. The only problem is getting up and going to the fridge to get it. So long (!). Happy with this mask for sure.

black dress (primark) – I am trying to glow up this year like a real basic damn straight kind of glow up. This includes my wardrobe. Dresses are a part of this. They make me feel so girly and grown but also I’m a child I wear panda ears on the casual. So this dress is hella cute it’s simple and comfortable and smart and wearing it makes me want to go Paris and eat french toast and be my best self. Well, if a dress can do that to me then I recommend it.

rose gold geo moonstone necklace (lovisa) – Now this could be all made up but I am in love with this necklace. The message in the box really touched my heart to start the new year. The idea that this little stone could help me in any way is much appreciated. Also, it’s just really cute. I love that it looks kind of casual but also glam because of the geometric pattern. Obsessed with this necklace on casual days. The long chain is such a plus and a mood tbh.

rose gold silver circle diamanté necklace duo (lovisa) – Did you see the comparison I made with these?! (watch the video to find out) because it was crazy but true! I have to say the quality difference is big. I absolutely love the necklace and so does my Bestfriend, bUt… I broke mine as soon as I wore it. How? I don’t even know but as I was putting the chain around my neck *clasps it* pull it a lITTLE bit to fix it on my neck and *snap* necklace falls down to the ground with all my dreams of being cute and boujee looking. I now use another chain and kind of link it through because I absolutely love the necklace. But for it to break like that HURT.

ro’s argon sparkle body butter (lush) – Um I know it says sparkles in the title but someone help me. The little flecks of glitter get everywhere. I wouldn’t care less but no matter what I do they end up on my face and then my clothes and just everywhere. The body butter itself smells super nice and is easy to use, soft skin wow. But do not get this next year Shazeda you will be exhausted from wiping glitter off your face every day.

cheery christmas (lush) – I still haven’t used this bath bomb. I mean I’ve been home and stuff but nope. It’s been making my room smell nice which is lovely. But after obsessing over it with my sister I just left it at my bedside. To be fair I haven’t been in a “oh I want a magical spa” moment so not the right time… yet.

sugar plum fairy sugar scrub (lush) – Ouch. Is all I need to say about this scrub because it actually hurt my skin. I don’t have sensitive skin. Like not at all. Lemon juice okay whatever. With this scrub, I would end up with scratch like cuts on my body and that was weird. It happened on my arms, legs and basically everywhere. Which is really weird because it didn’t hurt at all but the granules must have been sharp enough to do so. I don’t think this is specifically for feet as well because the product wasn’t stable enough. I loved the smell but nope for the sake of my skin not bleeding out I would not get this again. I still have a ton of marks on my body so if anyone has any advice would be helpful.

mom jeans in black (bershka) – I love them. These jeans make me happy. They are actually comfy and even though it has a bit of a funny fit I’m happy with them. I wish I got two just in case. The quality is really good. It’s a definite staple to my wardrobe and I’m now on the hunt for the perfect fit, a Cinderella mission for the future.

powder brush and lip gloss (elf) – I bought the powder brush because of Remi Ashten and she was not lying it is a wonderful powder brush. It’s really big and fluffy and sets my face really well. I feel like a boss with it matting my face and getting me ready for the day. Honestly, kept the packaging it came with so I could put it in my bag.

This lip gloss though. It is giving me life. Or at least hydration. It is a tinted lip oil so it makes me feel cute. But. I like using it when I go to bed so that when I wake up my lips are not crusted and actually really soft and happy. I have a B I G problem with biting my lips when I’m nervous so carrying a lip product is a must otherwise my anxiety comes through. So I am definitely thinking about buying all the colours because they are very sheer so I’m sure they’ll all work for all skin tones. I also want to get the brow pencil by elf because Mai recommends it whenever she does her makeup. Damn, how could I end this review with wanting more things? Oh wells, I’m happy.

And that’s it for this post. Actually, quite a long one from me but I did want to give a detailed review for each item a quick hit or miss and why. Do you have any loves or regrets from your purchases this winter? I’d love to hear your reviews.

Love you. Shazeda.

A video of my boxing day sale items when I got them and why.

https ://youtu.be/zeW4BoGe8ek

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