Holding up the Universe by Jennifer Niven

You haven’t read this book? I read it in a day. I’m such a self-help non-fiction kinda book junkie that even I was annoying myself with unsolicited advice. I needed a break. And damn, why did no one remind me of the mystical powers of a fictional book? Seriously, my ears are full of reviews on classics and that has just been tuned out. So, getting this book was an absolute whim. I’m pretty sure I judged it by the cover and got it when it was on sale (on Amazon). I’m happy though. It’s a nice light read. The book does touch on some serious topics but as story telling goes Jennifer Niven did a good job at it.

The basic story line is about “finding that person who sees you for who you are – and seeing them right back” which is a cool way of saying a cliche love story of finding the one. I say cliche because it’s set in high school and about a fat girl named Libby Strout and her encounters with popular kid Jason Masselin. Trying not to give away too much of the plot but you can see the skeleton.

The story touches on relationships that most shy away from and it is amazing to read. There is something so special about a parent and child relationship that can just pull at anyone’s heart strings and that’s used well here.

I absolutely love the use of the characters point of views, they have to be my weakness and seeing how the characters connect. Favourite. Thing. Ever.

There are some turns in this book that take you on a journey. Relatable and new. I don’t think I can say too much without giving it all away but I did like reading this one rainy day and would recommend this book looking for a cosy read.

I will pick up a book by Niven next time I’m in the library because I love her writing style. That’s probably why I would not want to necessarily purchase the book itself. Not a harsh critique but as a young adult it’s not a book I feel touched my heart so soulfully that I would want to cherish it forever. That being said I would recommend this as a light read because the story is catchy but if you lose the attention then it all goes away (at least it might have for me).

So, I’d rate it a 5/10 because the story was a nice change from my reads but for me, it could have been more developed. A good read for a long journey or day in.

There’s a couple of her books that were recommended to me, have you read any?

Lots of love. Shazeda.

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