April Bullet Journal 2020

Hello! March has been quite the month so I’m happy to move right on to April. This edit is focused on the colour red, specifically strawberries. I love a clean simple spread so that’s what I went with. Please do not mind my doodles, I am no artist.

The pens I used were Crayola SuperTips in a bright red. Stabilo pens in red and pink. Also, a stabilo point 88 in red. As well as a matador I-teen oil gel pen for bold writing and a matador hi-school to write. I love this set because it is having a monochromatic moment and is really easy to carry around.

Just before the title page I used the space to add a drawing, a quote and a key for my bullet journal. The strawberries are dancing to the beat of the music from the milk. To further expand on my terrible pun they are shaking to the beat, a strawberry milkshake if you will. I love puns.
For me, I chose to write something that would keep me productive and on task. I have so much more time with quarantine and because of it I have had to move back home. So now I have more time but I need to work around 6 other people so I needed to write something that would remind me to keep my sense of peace and my focus. I can lose sleep if need be.
I know, a quarter of the way in 2020 and I only added a key now. I am really happy with it though and it is something I have been using a lot this month and the last so it was the right time.

I always try to have an artsy title page and for this month I went with a simple but bold strawberry milk carton that says April on the front. The design was so easy even I could do it. I really like how it turned out. Side note but I have quite a sensitive stomach and milk is a little iffy with me. Recently, I have noticed that my bones are cracking a lot more and my muscles are tensing up often. Now this is very well because I have started working out again, however I do need to start adding more calcium into my diet frequently to compensate. This is quite a side note but thank you for reading.

Now, my calendar idea is from Caitlin’s corner and I absolutely love it. The design is so simple yet so detailed. The columns are as follows: date, habit tracker, event and gratitude line, I also added a smiley column to show my mood that day. I love the simplicity of ticking off the habits once I have completed them and it all being tidy in one area, I feel like I have a register for my goals. The events space is for any dates to remember and the gratitude line is to make sure I keep a hopeful head on my shoulders.

Ta dah! I have added a youtube spread to my journal!! This is something I’ve always wanted to and now with my panicking mind I enjoy editing a video. If you have any ideas I’d love to know, this space is for me to in detail create a video. I do not plan on posting 7 videos this month but I kept the space for it because not all ideas are great ideas. I’m not quite sure how useful this spread is function wise but the shadow boxes look cool.

Next up an expense tracker. But in detail. My plan is to give myself lots of space to write about my purchases and why I am grateful for what is provided. This will help me be more appreciative for what I have and make me hopefully, spend more consciously.

If this post is still going up then that means I am continuing with Chloe Ting’s shred workout challenge. Although, it is very hard I am hopeful on this programme. I don’t know how well I’ll do after two weeks but I’d like to track some thoughts and my progress daily so I can do better the next time. A simple spread but I am excited to use it.

Finally, we are at my daily page, in hindsight this idea is probably best for busy days and not to keep busy. I enjoy using task boxes now because I feel more constructive with everything. Honestly, I feel satisfied ticking the boxes when something is complete. Any motivation to get me to be productive is good at this point.

beep boop we are good to! So far this month I am super happy with my spreads and they have helped me feel like I’m doing something with my life during this quarantine so I am happy with it. I would recommend you try it out.

Thank you 😀

If you would like a video format of this blog post it will be linked below.


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