HELLO! If you’ve stumbled upon this page then you’re probably hoping to find out a little bit about the author of this blog well HI I’M SHAZEDA!! HII *waves frantically* I made this blog to share my life as a person with quirks. I have generalised anxiety and I plan to continue this blog to show the world that people with anxiety can have fun and grow to be amazing and wonderful and there is hope. It started with me not sharing my stories, I just didn’t and when I did they always sounded so wacky people just kept saying “that’s just so Shazeda” or when I asked people to describe me, they kind of couldn’t I was just beeing Shazeda! Here, I share everything I’m loving from beauty and makeup to just living life.

  • So I’m 19 plus a year every December 8th woo Sagittarius
  • I have generalised anxiety and I’m lactose intolerant (serious stuff)
  • I’M AN INFJ-T AND DAS IMPORTANT TO ME JUST COS if it’s important to you too *Hi5*
  • I’m a student at university studying Psychology
  • I studied photography as an A level so there’s badass pictures for the aesthetics
  • I am either extremely early or late for anything, there is no in between (2018 Shazeda is an early bird)
  • My favourite colour is yellow
  • I’m very brown with pink undertones, hooded eyes and big cheeks
  • Finally, my name is Shazeda and I’m addicted to shopping. It’s actually v serious help me pls

Well, I’m pretty much interchangeable with everything else soo just read on for more!!

Sponsored posts will have a disclaimer at the beginning otherwise, everything is my own thoughts and opinions! If you do want to contact me my email is beeingshazeda@gmail.com

I post the most on instagram @beeingShazeda so if you want a more recent look then check that out!

HEYY so now you know a lil bout me don’t be shy and tell me something about you from my socials above HII if you’ve read all this then I already love you xx