Lush Boxing Day Haul

Oh guys you don’t even know how crazy I went in Lush, let’s just be clear I used this blessed day well. I don’t even understand the reasoning behind Boxing Day but I am so glad that it exists because it is the one day that Lush have a sale and I am content. I’m…

Neal’s Yard Remedies BF Haul

If you’ve never been you probably just think it’s an expensive skincare shop. It is. But it’s also so much more and I took advantage this Black Friday to make use of saving money in expensive stores to give you the deets on whether these babies are worth it.

Simple Summer Skincare

It is August and I have finally developed a good skincare routine that I can do easily and continuously and it actually works for me so I decided to share it with you all! Summer is crazy to my skin, I have a very oily face but these products help make sure I don’t break out by keeping my skin healthy.

Dream Big ~ OOTD

Happy Saturday lovelies!! It is the first day of my Easter Holiday and you better know that I am feeling so pumped up. Obviously, there is a lot of work to do because exam season so I’m sorry for not being active so often, but I do often catch up on everyone’s blog so like this…


Come on, admit it. As random as this national holiday may be you’re intrigued, the curiosity gets the better of you and you want to know… What is your current favourite fragrance? Do not fret, it’s natural, we are nosey people who want to know anything and everything so just keep reading and you’ll find out 😉

The world is my runway

This was bound to happen… Okay let me tell you I was basically just snooping through my younger siblings things and I came across my sister’s eyeshadow palette. It was so colourful, I own a very limited collection of eyeshadow palettes but none as bright as these. She wasn’t home… I had to try them! So…

Too glam to give a damn

I need to stop buying makeup. I refuse to give into the offers. Yet here I go again. I needed it okay. see mascara dries out quick and because it’s super bad to keep using it when it’s out of date I had to buy a new one. Now if you’re thinking wait didn’t you…

Invest in your skin

It’s going to represent you for a very long time. Whilst I was at Lush I decided instead of spending a tonne on bath bombs that, as lovely as they are,  buying a lotion was necessary. I have to put it out there, this is my first lotion from Lush and I am not upset….

The little changes

I am trying to stop splurging on makeup right now. I am trying to save up for the Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette so that however much it may be I can swoop in and order it. Trying is the keyword. It is quite difficult when there’s a beauty shop in every corner. Turning away from…

Minimal Makeup

On days when I’m not feeling adventurous with my makeup and just want the basics to keep me looking alive these are my go to products.

No7 Stay Perfect Foundation Review

It’s been too long since I wore foundation. In Summer I had just gotten darker and was always sweaty so never really cared too much about it but then in Winter it was just too hard to find a good foundation that matched my skin tone because most of them were either too light and made…